[WIW] Old Black & White Sci-Fi and Horror flicks

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Have you seen the original Japanese Gojira? With the original romance subplots and 40 minutes never aired in English? It's a legitimate quality science fiction classic.

I showed it in SF Literature and one student hugged her girlfriend and asked "WHY IS A GODZILLA MOVIE MAKING ME SAD?"
I own the Criterion Gojira. It is amazing, and a truly inspired piece of science fiction. That first film is astonishing.
There's even a terrific Criterion edition!

Also, how about The Black Cat? (1934, dir. Edgar G. Ulmer). Pre-Code horror starring Lugosi and Karloff. It sorta answers the question: what if David Lynch was directing contract players in 1930s Hollywood?
I've never heard of The Black Cat, but it sounds like a lot of fun. I'll see if I can find it.

As for everyone else, keep the suggestions coming. I'm adding things to my list all the time and look forward to seeing a bunch of new (for me ;)) movies.


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The Manster!

I remember almost nothing of this movie since I last saw it on the afternoon "Creature Feature" TV show in the early 1970s, but the scene when an eyeball appears on the main character's shoulder scared the crap out of me as a wee tyke. :eek::ROFLMAO:

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Do you really want me to start spewing, Snow Goon? I'm kind of a massive 50's SF movie fan, familiar with almost anything mainstream (or not so much) in that period, some of which is pretty obscure by modern standards. Worst I'll do is conflate some early 60's cases that I remember as B&W that were color, and I never mind being pointed out when I'm being an idjit. :)
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