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WMTW: Gatchaman CROWDS


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Take the forced kiss and shapeshifting aspects: yeah, too right you'd feel physically violated if hateful, anonymous internet trolls started pretending to be you, or speak for you, or represent you while dragging your name and everything you stand for through the mud!

CROWDS is really clever, you guys...
Also a perfect metaphor for identity theft, it really IS brilliant. ;)

The execution is truly excellent. Without hyperbole, Berg Katze is one of the best supervillains I've ever seen. It's just that no matter how well you do it the very concept is going to have some... unfortunate implications. But those are really minor when you look at the show as a whole.

It should be pretty clear by now that the 'Crowds' are a direct analogy to 'Anonymous' and other internet movements, and how that power can be directed. It's a really great and surprising theme for an anime and I love it. the fact that the show manages to balance this theme as well as a story about a group of depressed and burnt out superheroes with both themes complimenting and building on each other makes me a little in awe of the storytelling.
All of that being done while juggling with two positive but competing versions of anarchism shown as valid contributions to society as a whole. Because at this point you might as well. 😅


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E Envyus thanks for the WoG about Rui's gender! So how long until a shopping montage with Hajime, O.D. and Utsu so he can replace his wardrobe after Katze stole his apartment?

Rainfall Rainfall yeah this show is so freaking dark! And still sadly relevant, with a few problematic queer portrayals. But glad that you're picking up on stuff even after all this time! Sure I'll keep a guilty pleasure for Tony-esque grandiose swoop-in-and-save-the-day Heroes, but Hajime helping people while still being nice is amazing too. Collective/Personal Responsibility Anarchism for the win!

Cannonball Cannonball ooh yes Berg as Internet Hate Machine personified works great.

HDimagination HDimagination whaaa those were basically the RL insults about Hajime's character? Boo!
But yeah, excellent story about the power of internet movements (from the Good Collage Club to the Bad NEO HUNDRED) and tired superheroes (enter Hajime). And while it's not a perfect solution and some things should not be ignored, it's good to recognize the best way to treat sections of the IHM is to not give it the time of day.

Rainfall Rainfall damn yeah metaphor for identity theft too that's excellent. Implications aside I'm glad to have beheld the Utter Awfulness that is Berg Katze, a great example of a Jerk Villain. But more than that I'm glad to have actually learned something from this show. I came expecting Power Rangers high-school shenanigans, not a complete revamp of my political leanings! Thanks, GC!

Last Time: Random Internet Jerks got given actual power, Hajime directed a livestream, and Team Gatchaman fired their boss. Onwards!

Episode 10 - "Crowds"

A new report on the NEO HUNDRED and their terrorist attacks this morning... not much actually, since their destruction of the freaking Ministry of Defense. Nah, there's just been a rash of stuff vanishing in stores because yeah after the first attacks the weaponized IHM was bound to explore other uses for invisibility. Let's just be glad that shoplifting is all they're doingODDAMNIT I paused too soon ugh.

Well at least their new boss Umeda is less-than-pleased to hear the report. If only that he thinks they're "wasting their time" with small-scale crime when they could be furthering the Glorious Revolution.

[Avatar Umeda who has a goatee because of course he does]: "What are you guys doing? There are still government buildings left standing!"

Oh? The empowered fragments of the Internet Hate Machine aren't just going to blindly follow orders from a random guy in a chatroom? Wow what a shock.

New plan: kidnap celebrities! And because IHM, the only concern about the plan is that using CROWDS tires a person out. Cue calls for an app update that fixes the exhaustion bug. Y'know, without adding any suggestions or constructive ideas at all. Give us free stuff damnit!

Aw, poor Rui's left just reading internet comments which are a mix of calling for the Gatchaman, claiming that they'd use CROWDS for good, or questioning if committing crimes with CROWDS is illegal since there aren't any laws against using CROWDS (...yes. yes it is you idiot).

Ugh. Well while the NEO HUNDRED are acting petty, that gives our heroes some time to figure out how they can stop the next "festival".

[Rui]: "X, what do you think...?"

Well heck, Hajime's plan of running around GALAX shouting for Katze has actually worked! Avatar Hajime's left standing in a pool of some kind as Avatar Katze walks up-
We can clearly see Katze-Rui's avatar on his own tablet, but on Hajime's...
It's just speech bubbles above empty space.
So like after the Joe Curbstomp, Hajime can't see Berg?
That's... interesting.

Berg says he saw the GatChannel livestream, thanks her for being so "honest". Which yeah that's generally a good quality but Hajime plz.
Well she takes the compliment at face value, then bluntly asks if Katze's controlling the NEO HUNDRED (spelled NeO HUNDReD).
[Berg]: "Eh? Eh? I don't know anythin' about them."
Oh please you-
[Hajime]: "Oh, is that right? I'm sorry!"
Pfffft. Ok that's pretty funny.

Huh and now Avatar Berg's speech bubbles are moving around Avatar Hajimeoh you JERK
Uuuuuugh. As awful as they're acting now... the CROWDS are manifestations of people. So the Gatchaman have to hold back against them otherwise they'll be killing/coma-ing fellow humans (even if they are just The Worst).

Eh? Hajime has a plan for that?

Whoa whoa what is happening?! Berg-Rui's suddenly talking like J.J.?
"The foolish master of the peak shall descend to the promised land."
And with a call to look it up on the web, Berg out.

Ok good Hajime's wondering about how she still couldn't see Berg (aside from that one time she kicked him away from Sugane I suppose), while Berg-Rui gushes over his Gatchaman counterpart AW HELL NO YOU KEEP YOUR KISSES AWAY FROM HAJIME

Well shoot here's X again, the poor AI who's probably been reversed several times by this point. Poor thing.

Hey, it's the ineffective Prime Minister again! Whining about his phone being out of battery and ordering his driver to charge it wAIT NO
Uuuugh of course Berg-Rui would be able to hack and record from the PM's phone, which is conveniently set up to film his complaints about the CROWDS and NEO HUNDRED.

[Berg-Rui]: "I found some fuel!"
Yup, the video is promptly posted as "Sugayama's Highly Acclaimed Escape to Tachikawa!!, Declares War on the NEO HUNDRED".
Well great, now you've made it personal by insulting all of the IHM.
[Idiot Politician]: "They're just a group of escapist fools who suck at life."
[Escapist Fools]: "U wot m8?"

Aw jeez. This fool was the Prime Minister? Really? He had no idea where his security detail was taking him?
Aaaand now everyone knows exactly where the Politician is heading.
The leader of the NEO HUNDRED (Umeda who?) glitches into the meeting room, notifying her dear minions about the "last boss" showing himself (oh shoot that's Joe and the Mayor!) and promising that whoever captures the Prime Minister...
Will get an upgraded CROWDS. That doesn't exhaust the user.
Oh dear.

So now not only are the NEO HUNDRED responding to an insult, but there's a tangible reward for success. Onwards to the Disaster Management Base!

Boo Umeda stop snapping at your phone, you're supposed to be taking your daughter on a bike ride. Dissapointed Little Girl Mana is Dissapoint.

Well at least Berg is 'courteous' enough to let Hajime know that Tachikawa's about to be attacked. So what is she gonna do?
...she seems awfully calm about CROWDS suddenly popping up and smashing into buildings.
[Hajime]: "As always, ya seem to be enjoyin' yerself."
But seriously, why can't she see him?

Welp, maybe let's focus on the rampaging CROWDS outside first. Team Gatchaman (minus Joe come on dude) assembles outside the apartment as Rui exposits. Mission time!

Conventional military forces are assembling while the poor Mayor's stuck in a car with the hapless PM, watching a NEO HUNDRED announcement that they're targeting the "boss". Cue Joe slamming the brakes as invisible monsters start smashing up the street.

[Mayor]: "Prime Minister, please issue commands with all due haste!"
[PM]: "Commands? I can't issue the order to attack when we can't see the enemy!"
Well ok he's not completely wrong, but still dude. You're supposed to act a little more composed in a crisis.

Oh hey, Team Gatchaman's already here! The absurdly-connected Hajime's recognized by everyone who matters (read: not the PM) and rushes up with Rui and Utsu. Good news, they've figured out how to make the CROWDS visible! Wait really?

Woo! Amnesia Remind! I suppose it worked with showing Gatchaman Hajime back in the tunnel, I just considered it a reversal of an existing Amnesia Effect. But cast it first, and you get to see Gatchaman Sugane with a restrained CROWDS! Success!

Although... ok we can see the CROWDS to avoid them now. But if we attack, then the users fall into comas-
Oh. They've worked out "a certain amount of force" that compresses a CROWDS into an easily-carryable cube. That's... convenient.
Like don't get me wrong, it's good that we don't have to hospitalize people even if they're being jerks, but... that kinda came out of nowhere.

Wait what- oh heck, I'd forgotten about the helper aliens they had at the Gatchaman base, we haven't seen them since I think the very first episode! They're picking up the cubes and porting back underground to store them WAIT

Ok, so a sudden thought... instead of "a certain amount of force", why not use a method that's already been established in the show?
Say, a matter-compressing floating shifting cube that can hold living objects without any harm and was befriended by the Protagonist?
Bring back MESSY! Show the power of Friendship by bringing back the original "villains" to fight these jerks!

Ugh. Look this isn't a bad show by any means. But now I'm remembering MESSY, and comparing it to this Convenient Never-Foreshadowed development?
It kinda takes some fun out of Sugane and Hajime kicking IHM butt.

Oh jeez. Sugane's worked out "certain amount" of force is a wind-blast from his sword.
Hajime's "certain amount' is throwing scissors right into their oversized pupils.
Guh, getting the worst John Wick flashbacks here.

Whoop here come more CROWDS what
Ustu... just transformed.
I thought she couldn't transform? That was a thing that was established early on?
But now she's in this mishmash of multicolored armor and yelling a battle cry as she knocks a bunch of CROWDS into cubes with a single punch?
No seriously, what?

Well ok now even more CROWDS are swarming in, and the decent Government Figures are discussing the dangers of evacuating civilians while the Prime Minister still does jack...

Oh shoot, here comes that overreliance on GALAX to bite them in the butt. Katze's in control of the app now, they can't trust it for communication anymore. We're doing this analog style, no internet allowed!
But hey, once GALAX has been resecured? The Mayor outright says he'll follow Rui's orders.
[Prime Minister, standing outside the discussion circle]: "Why are they listening to that brat...?"

Yeah, no. Dude you're too busy staring and stammering at the helper alien picking up a compressed CROWDS to contribute to any planning, and when you do finally demand attention you can only ask why people are making decisions without you. Dude. Listen to the people who gave you even the ability to see the crisis.

Yup Anarchist Rui is fed up with Ineffective Politician blustering.
Prime Minister tries turning this on Rui, pointing out that this came from GALAX.
[Decent Government Figures]: *loom menacingly behind Rui*
Wow ok the guy's still insisting that they can't use the Self-Defense Force, by his authority as their Prime Minister.
Dude. Ongoing crisis, right here. Competent and decent government figures, right here. Let them do their jobs.

Prime Minister relents, says they can mobilize. But, uh, he has "responsibilities". Yeah. Stuff to do... somewhere else. Bye!
Oh ok he's not being a complete coward, he's just saying that the SDF can't attack the CROWDS. Yeah fine that's a good call, point in his favor.
Now, to evacuate nearly 200,000 people in two hours without any injuries. Hop to it!

Whoop with all the standing around the CROWDS have- JEEZ. Ok Sugane just because Hajime was successfully throwing scissors into eyes doesn't mean you can do the same with your sword! We just established the No Killing rule!

Joe! Come on Joe, help out... damnit. Dude's still convinced this is pointless. Urgh.

Ah good Utsu's able to heal the sworded CROWDS. Be careful, Sugane!

Now let's get the PM out of here- aw snap he's been grabbed!
Wait. That's a Gatchaman portal?
Oh ok Pai's grabbing the PM to get him to safety, that works!

Aw, after the episode break Umeda's rushing into his home carrying Mana, where the mom (Sayuri) has been watching the news of exploding buildings and packing evacuation bags aaaand that's the Dead Anime Mom Hairstyle. Welp, nice knowing you Sayuri.

Eh? Dude you need to evacuate, why are you powering up your computer- ah ok, Umeda's setting up a NEO HUNDRED message because he certainly didn't give any orders to attack his hometown.

Yeah, sorry dude, but the Japanese Government doesn't exactly have the Prime Minister right now. He's down in the Gatchaman base with Pai and O.D., watching your demand video about handing Sugayama over. Do that and the CROWDS will pull back, because he totally still has the authority for that. Yeah, no.

Sugayama's moping, saying that the NEO HUNDRED "don't get a damn thing." Do they really think that killing him would change the country? At least, for the better?

The PM's giving a sad little speech about a realization he had when he reached his position-

[Sugayama]: "No one gives a shit about this country. Everyone just wants to bash those in power and laugh at them."

Ok, so... I'll admit, I've been rather critical about you. But dude. You make it so easy, especially when I compare your whining and ineffectiveness against Hajime and the Decent Government Officials' actions and drive.

Oh ok this is interesting, Sugayama's comparing his situation to Middle Manager Pai. The not-panda muses that when he feels that way (not if, when) he asks himself- dawwwww.
Damnit still can't take a picture, but for all his complaining and not looking very happy in the picture, Pai's phone lockscreen is a shot of him surrounded by the preschoolers.
[Pai]: "Do you love this planet?"

So how about Sugayama, does he love the country he politics for?
He wibbles, O.D. calls him out for wibbling when he's supposed to be the highest power in the land... aw. He's ranting about how he intended to change the world when he entered politics, but everyone was too insular and self-concerned and refused to work with him.

Oh hey, here's a good show quote!
[Sugayama]: "I'd never get anywhere if I tried to change things on my own!"
So... don't. No one person can update the world. If you want a revolution? Then you've gotta subject yourself to the mortifying ordeal of being known, find others who feel the same way.
...maybe not to the utter extreme of "starting over from zero", but yeah I get the idea.

O.D. idly comments about Sugayama being scared-
Wait Pai looks shocked-
oh no

[YOU PUT THAT NOTE DOWN RIGHT NOW MISTER]: "You're petrified that you'll lose absolutely everything."
No no no stop looking at the collage of your friends (including Hajime and MESSY daw) don't do this
[STOOOOOP]: "But we have to draw the line somewhere."

Uuuuuuuugh. Show plz.
Up top the evacuation's proceeding, Rui's tucked away in a side building listening to cops yell through megaphones- Oh dear. So it seems Hajime didn't just make the CROWDS visible for the PM and Decent Government Officials, but for everyone. Meaning the scared evacuees are now further scared by seeing big-eyed pixilated things charging across the skyline looking for the PM.

[Rui]: "X, what should I do...?"
Wait. Rui has an idea?

Oh shoot. So that's at least one person being carried off on a stretcher, and I don't know if it's good or bad that the medics are moving so slowly...
Hajime complains that they're taking so long fighting the CROWDS, and Sugane confirms that it's a bit much even for the Gatchaman. They need help. They need- JOE!

...damnit Joe. Come on, snap out of your funk. Your friends need you! The civilians need you!
Don't give me that self-depreciating junk, you were badass! You- well ok your first on-screen transformation you got trounced by Berg. Ok but- wait no your second transformation was your last when Berg curbstomped you again and tore out your NOTE. Um. Oh, but you saved Rui that second time! That counts for something!

Urgh. But nah, Joe's just ambling along thinking that "there's a shitload of people in the world who're better than me."
Hmmm. Well maybe so.
There's likely someone out there who can run faster than you. Another who has studied medicine and can patch people up. Another who can lick their elbow.
But you know what?
They aren't here right now.
(and, for all I've been trying to adjust my Eagleland thought processes thanks to this show, I can say this for Capitalism: it encourages people to strive to be better, to develop their talents and always improve. It's not without it's flaws (just look at MHA's Pro Hero mess for an example), and generally means that one person "wins" at the expense of others, but...)

Oh hey it's the opposite of the O.D. situation! Mister you pick up that NOTE right now! Or at the very least, help out with the evacuation instead of tucking behind a wall for a smoke break!
Ha! Yeah no the story's disabled your lighter until you get your head in gear-
Ooooh. Ok that was well done.
Joe was frowning and looking down at his malfunctioning lighter... meaning he saw when the wind turned a page in the NOTE and words appeared.
[Sugane]: Joe, you have my gratitude.

Sweet, flashback! We're cutting between Modern!Sugane rallying to save civilians and Baby!Sugane after he was saved from the MESS. Joe pats his head- aw damnit here's that Men Don't Cry speech.
And Baby!Sugane took that to heart-
Oh ok good Joe follows it up with some actual good advice.
[Joe]: "Be sure to protect someone someday, too."

Alright yes good that's what Sugane needs to internalize, not necessarily Conceal Don't Feel but that he needs to look past fear and refuse to be a "bird trapped in a cage".
[Sugane]: We're the great wings that protect this world!

Oh hey it's Joe's drinking buddy! Ok see how he's helping people evacuate? You can do the same-
Oh nevermind he's telling Joe to go and "make his dream come true"- oh whoa that's right he said he wanted World Peace way back when. Callback!
Wait. "Gatcha"?
Oh my god please tell me that everyone just knew Joe has been a Gatchaman for the longest time but never brought it up. Although when would they-
Oh my god he did get teleported right out of work drinks! So everyone knew that he was a Gatchaman after that, but just... let him keep working his desk job making copies? Really? Ok that's really funny.

There you go, Joe. You've still got some "manly" stuff to correct, but we needed that Cool Dude attitude back. You're calling yourself lame? Let's fix that.

GA-TCHA-MAAAAAAAN! And here we go!
Oh wait nevermind his coworker ladies didn't know he was a Gatchaman. They are very pleased to learn the truth. The next Bar Night is going to be interesting.

[Glad to have you back, dude]: "I'm gonna light a fire in this dark world!"

Things are still pretty bad though, CROWDS are rampaging and Sugayama is begging Pai to do something, anything. Middle Manager Pai doesn't know what to do though, and- ok that's a good point how maybe the top politician of this human country could actually contribute an idea?
[Pai]: "This problem doesn't concern just us aliens! It concerns you Earthlings as well!"

And yeah, they have to stop Berg here and now, otherwise the rest of the country and then the world will follow-
Oh. Oh you did nOT.
...a CROWD is attacking the preschool. Straight up smashing the front of the building as we get live footage of children crying in fear.
Pai is Not Pleased.
Bird, Go!

Aw jeez it's over to happily-singing Not-Rui, who "just so happened" to run into Umeda on the street and proceeds to taunt the man when he begs him to stop the CROWDS. What, a little bit of danger to his family and he suddenly goes back on his promise to see the Revolution through?

[Umeda]: "Are you... a demon?"
[Suddenly Serious Not-Rui]: "No. I am you."
Oh boy. Here we go.
[Not-Rui]: "I'm not really sure why, but everything pisses me off!"
So time for the motive rant-
Oh FUCK you.

Not-Rui just doxxed Umeda. Straight up posted the real name of the NEO HUNDRED's "leader". And his home address.
Aaaand there are instantly comments about how he's screwed- oh damn.
The third freaking comment is a picture of Umeda. And his family.
Dude. Go get your family. NOW.

Phew! Looks like Pai got to the school just in time, the mech's chomping and cubing CROWDS to the adoration of the kids. And the rest of the team's keeping up as well, Utsu's kicking ass- and Joe's here! Woo!

Yessss we've got a full squad of five ready to save the city! GATCHA!
...now what the hell else is Berg going to pull in the last two episodes?


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My favorite thing about the Paiman scene at the preschool...you notice how his eyes change? Specifically, how they go from simple, flat black circles to a shaded blue with a defined iris and everything?

Pai was running on Dull Eyes of Unhappiness this entire time.


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Oh? The empowered fragments of the Internet Hate Machine aren't just going to blindly follow orders from a random guy in a chatroom? Wow what a shock.
This show gets it. One of my favourite aspects of the show is how incredibly quickly the "revolution" falls apart. The Internet Hate Machine is not your friend.

Whoop here come more CROWDS what
Ustu... just transformed.
I thought she couldn't transform? That was a thing that was established early on?
But now she's in this mishmash of multicolored armor and yelling a battle cry as she knocks a bunch of CROWDS into cubes with a single punch?
No seriously, what?
Not punching. Touching.

And why couldn't Utsu transform? Isn't she a Gatchaman? ;)

Sugayama's moping, saying that the NEO HUNDRED "don't get a damn thing." Do they really think that killing him would change the country? At least, for the better?

The PM's giving a sad little speech about a realization he had when he reached his position-

[Sugayama]: "No one gives a shit about this country. Everyone just wants to bash those in power and laugh at them."

Ok, so... I'll admit, I've been rather critical about you. But dude. You make it so easy, especially when I compare your whining and ineffectiveness against Hajime and the Decent Government Officials' actions and drive.
It's almost like the show goes out of it's way to give you a wrong first impression of every character you meet. Remember when you thought Hajime was like Mako. :D

I like Sugayama. He's just a guy who found himself at the top after the previous PM resigned, at the worst time possible for a guy like him to be in power. You can tell he cares but MY GOD is he out of his dept.

[Umeda]: "Are you... a demon?"
[Suddenly Serious Not-Rui]: "No. I am you."
Oh boy. Here we go.
[Not-Rui]: "I'm not really sure why, but everything pisses me off!"
So time for the motive rant-
Not just seriousness, absolute contempt. Considering what they're saying at the time it has some interesting implications about their self-image.

Oh yeah, and Berg-Katze is still just The Worst. Gotta hand it to the show, it made me feel sorry for Umeda, poor fool that he is.

(and, for all I've been trying to adjust my Eagleland thought processes thanks to this show, I can say this for Capitalism: it encourages people to strive to be better, to develop their talents and always improve. It's not without it's flaws (just look at MHA's Pro Hero mess for an example), and generally means that one person "wins" at the expense of others, but...)
I always though the one big advantage of Capitalism is crowd-sourcing. Instead of a single commitee you have a million different minds looking at a problem and trying solutions. That's insanely powerful.

But, as you point out, the big weakness is that it encourages you to use said solutions to improve your own lot instead of benefiting the group. I mean, look at Big Pharma. :cautious:

More on this later. Because of course political discussion on a WiW tread would be full of spoilers. This is not something I get to type often.

My favorite thing about the Paiman scene at the preschool...you notice how his eyes change? Specifically, how they go from simple, flat black circles to a shaded blue with a defined iris and everything?

Pai was running on Dull Eyes of Unhappiness this entire time.
Yeah, THIS is the real Paiman. Give him a reason to care and cut through the emotional scar tissue and you see the leader he once was emerge.

... It's a thing about this show isn't it? Life beating you down until you stop caring. It's evident in Suguyama and Paiman. Joe was getting there even before the awful beating. Interestingly the solution seems to be about reconnecting the younger, more naive generation.

Connections. Again. :)


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Axiomatic Axiomatic heck yeah Pai's eye change was awesome. Begone, depression!

Rainfall Rainfall definitely loving the show's take on the IHM, how quickly the NEO HUNDRED falls to petty crime and harassment until Berg pops in with a prize for them to compete for.
As for Utsu's transformation, I could have sworn she said that she couldn't in the first few episodes? Or maybe I'm thinking about O.D. who I know said he couldn't and that turned out to be a Godzilla Threshold? Regardless, Right of Death is most excellent.
The Prime Minister Sugayama is... an interesting dilemma. He might care, but with everything going on he's ineffectual to the point of obstruction. Dude needs to just stop trying and give the country to Hajime already.
Berg continues to be The Worst, but even he dislikes Umeda.
Whee, politics! How does the quote go? "Democracy is the worst form of government except for all of the others"? Looking forward to future discussion.
And again, get that depression outta here! Personal connections for the win!

Last Time: Umeda got ousted, Hajime cast Detect Invisibility, and errybody's breaking out their G-forms. Onwards!

Episode 11 - "Gamification'

Back in the underground base? Everyone taking a break from cubing CROWDS?

Wait this is the scene of Haijime meeting Don't Touch Me Utsu, why is he-
gODDAMNIT SHOW enough with the O.D. Death Flags! Stop making him reminisce about his first meeting with Hajime, how she accepted him for who he was.

[O.D.]: You nonchalantly surmount what everyone considers "common sense."
Yup that's Hajime alright.

It was that positive and unstoppable attitude that befriended the standoffish Utsu, that surprised even the- wait, O.D. is over 300 years old? Damn dude, you look good for your age!

Further reminiscing about how Hajime found these "caged birds" and changed them like origami...
[O.D.]: Yep! Hajime, you're just like the sun, illuminating us- no, illuminating everyone on this planet.

Wait wait wait now it's Utsu monologing? Ok so this could be good or bad, if it's a full team retrospective then that's less risk for O.D.
...aw man. Past Utsu just thought about how she wanted to "disappear". How she was even annoyed with Hajime's unbridled cheerfulness early on and her incessant need to keep hugging her stoppit. Especially since O.D. seemed to like the new girl and Utsu was worried she'd have her only friend taken.
[Utsu]: But... over time... you started to fill my thoughts.
*insert Oh My gif here*

ANd Hajime kept up with the encouragement, teaching someone who thought of herself as worthless (ouch) fun tricks like origami and collaging, and there's that first smile on the bus when Utsu finished her origami frog...
Oh boy. Yup, there's that "I wanted you to notice me" line. Gaaaaaaaaay.

Ok but shipping aside, Utsu definitely has a friend in Hajime, and-
[Utsu]: I'm glad that I was born.
Yesssssssssss! Victory!
[Utsu]: After all, I got to meet you, Hajime. But I'm still me.
Hajime, that's all right, isn't it? After all, that's what you told me.

Whee, now it's Pai's turn! Sure, the Rookie was nuts clear from the start, and Pai was constantly chewing out (and on ouch those teeth) for her "disrespect".
But far from being a birdbrain who didn't take the job seriously... she did the job better than Pai. Who always turned tail and ran, constantly nervous and unable to make decisions without Master J.J.'s directions.
Breaking? Nah dude, you were already broken under the stress of being the- wow, seriously? Ok, the "G-Crew's" leader.

But, despite the crappiness, Hajime said it wasn't true. That if you wanna run, do so as best you can, and then pause and think things over.
And with her encouragement, Pai confronted his failings, and the meaning behind her question: "What do you really want to do?"
Enter clear-eyed Pai, here to save preschoolers and eat CROWDS. Now get outta here, children!

Aw, now it's Joe. Who didn't exactly have the highest opinion of himself back when the Little Lady showed up. Dude's a public servant who discovers that aliens are real. What's one little backwater planet that can hardly reach their own moon mean in the face of that?
(Well maybe if these aliens had bothered to help out more than beating up other aliens in our neighborhood and sitting on cushions cutting up papers rather than share their tech...)
Then "another useless newb" showed up, and you just assumed that you'd never be able to agree with her.
[Joe]: But... you weren't exactly the average girl, were you?

But of course, Toxic Masculinity Joe couldn't just say that the Little Lady was impressing him, that would be most unmanly. He'd all but given up on his dream of World Peace, and suddenly in a matter of days this new girl stops and befriends an entire race of "alien monsters" that he'd been fighting for years, that he even saved his apprentice Sugane from.
Hajime just kept charging forward, believing in a better world and inspiring all of the other Gatchaman to follow her example. Reclusive Utsu throwing around her life energy to heal others, Sugane actually talking back and questioning orders...
And when Joe got curbstomped by the Big Bad (ugh that scream as Berg tears out the NOTE is haunting) and fell into a funk so bad he sneaks off for a smoke break in the middle of an evacuation?
A few kind words from Encouraged Sugane, and Joe is back.

And now, for the very first character introduced, the Rookie until Hajime appeared, the namesake of the Sugane Screams In Hajime Horror Count (7), iiiiit's Sugane!
[Sugane]: Back then, I... thought that a troublesome rookie had joined the crew.
Early Sugane just couldn't understand the force that is Hajime. But then she just kept asking questions that made Sugane reassess his assumptions. Even if they kept clashing (like, a LOT) because of mutual misunderstandings.
[Sugane]: But at some point, I thought... 'you might be more than just a weirdo.

And then we got her badass Deku moment in the tunnel, asking if Senpai ever gets that Heroic body-moving-on-own feeling?
For all that she calls him Senpai, Sugane's the one who learned.
From unquestioning Serious Samurai of the Gatchaman, to following in Hajime's footsteps by approaching J.J. and then outright saying that the Gatchaman would no longer blindly follow his prophecies, protect their planet as they see fit?
(and then the show gave us no response from J.J., seriously? What is he even doing while the climax is happening?)

Regardless, Sugane has changed for the better, and he is looking forward to future changes.
[Sugane]: I'm bound to find a new answer that is uniquely mine.

So thank you, Hajime, for opening the doors to their cages and letting these birds fly free.

Aaaand that concludes the clipshow portion of this episode. Onwards with the Plot!

Back to the present day, where Rui is running around and jumping in front of security cameras trying to get X's attention. Come on, come on...

YES! X noticed there's a Rui over here, and a tablet logged into Rui's account over there, so... logout! Woo, Berg's outta the system! For not at least, he was able to hack into X just by waving his hand earlier, so...

Oh? Nevermind then, at getting logged out Berg just sing-songs about how he doesn't "need any friends" and disposes of the Rui persona, cheers about having- wait, NOTEs? As in plural? Aw shoot yeah Berg stole Rui's.

...oh, ouch.
[Berg]: "But am I truly the most vicious in the land?"
Said as Berg projects CROWDS discussion boards on the nearby walls for everyone to see.
Well ok dude, it's not a matter of equivalence. You don't get to point to the IHM and say that since other people are jerks you get to be one as well.
See, this is what I'm talking about. People posting mean comments online doesn't make it normal for you to stomp and spin on the back of downed civilians. Quit it.

Back to Rui, still trying to attract X's attention but no buddy Berg just got logged out you can access your account again!
There we go! A quick question about Rui's opinion on sunsets, and compared to Not-Rui's creepy answer X is a-ok with the new response. We're back!

Aw yeah Utsu and Hajime breaking out the combo attacks. And with the news that Rui has access to X and GALAX again, we can start communicating properly!

Now they can actually see real-time movements of the CROWDS instead of following the sound of screams. Sugane catches up with Joe, who banters about this being like old times. Meanwhile Rui's in full Admin Mode, checking how much of the city's population is covered by GALAX. 60%? And I'm assuming that's dropped over the last few weeks with the coma freakout and everything. Not to mention a chunk of those are currently smashing up the city with their CROWDS, let's not count them either.

Whoop, Hajime's back in the base telling the Prime Minster to address his people through the GatChannel. The politician waves off the idea though, saying everyone just wants to make fun of him-
[Hajime]: "Then why don't ya quit yer job as the Prime Minister?"
Seriously! I get you're under a lot of pressure, dude, but if you aren't going to do anything helpful then step aside so someone else (Hajime) can do it in your place!

Or if not, then just say- SERIOUSLY?!
Hajime. What the shit.
You need to warn someone before you start a livestream
This conversation is being aired online right now
Yeah sure the people hearing their Prime Minster gripe about his authority being useless is going to really help with the evacuation panic. Gah.

Welp. The news that the PM is livestreaming is spreading like wildfire, the viewers are flooding in-
Pfffft. Good grief, Hajime just straight up pushes a script into "Sugayan's" hands, the politician sputters-
Um. H-hey O.D., how's it going? I, uh, see you're wearing your magician hat...
Uuuuuugh O.D. please wait a bit longer Hajime might be able to save the day before you go Godzilla Threshold just please chill

[Rescue Worker]: "X is back!"
[Rescue Workers]: "Oh thank GALAX doing all this stuff analog sucked. Almighty President X please tell us what to do!"

...ok I've complained about it to Tephi, but what is up with the GALAX livestreaming deal where comments appear in real-time as wordbubbles over the video? I can hardly see the Prime Minister past the words!
Well anyway come on dude, just read what Hajime told you to say.
That includes the Gatchaman salute you coward!

Ah ok so we're making progress, but more people logged into GALAX will help coverage and response times. So Hajime told the Prime Minster to tell everyone in the city who hasn't registered to sign up with GALAX asap. (cue panicked Republicans screaming about Big Government Registration Lists)

Pfft. Come on dude, Hajime's written out all these helpful notes to boost your confidence. She even drew a person doing the Gatchaman salute! You can't just ignore that!

...ok, see? I complain about these speech bubbles blocking the view, but it's even worse because Sugayama can see the insults popping up in real time, distracting him from the speech. Come on Hajime, at least turn off notifications!

Oh wait nevermind. See, before Sugayama just knew there was general disapproval, and he couldn't really respond to anonymous complaints. But seeing specific insults pop up right in front of his face?
[Suddenly Energetic Sugayama]: "Who are you calling a 'crappy Prime Minister'?!"
Come on, use that backbone to beat people into line!

Attention, G-Crew! Message from Clear Eyed Pai: He's going to hold back CROWDS from one direction, directs Joe to defend the station and Sugane the school (assuming the one Preschool we've seen, unless he means Hajime's school). Utsu's assigned to the river (and ooh in her G-Form she can still make Shadow Clones cool) and Hajime's going to walk the park.

Back to Sugayama, and now the word bubbles are getting translated and wow. I'm assuming a chunk of these are the cat-masked NEO HUNDRED comments especially since one starts with "Meow" before demanding he "apologize" by dying.
[Sugayama]: "'Die'? How dare you tell a person you've never met to die!"
Alright see what's the point of the intruding word-bubble comments if you're going to have regular chat off to the side, which is now turning pro-Sugayama in the face of his newfound energy.

Sugane's on overwatch up top, civilians are crowded into shelters, and there are a lot of little red x's on X's map showing CROWDS locations. But thankfully they're mostly clustered around the Gatchaman, and the JDF is rolling out to defend civilians from the straggler CROWDS. Which is mostly taking the form of telling people to remain calm and keep their eyes glued to their phones for updates.

Once more to Sugayama, now snapping at comments that he do something. Which, ok. I can make those comments because I'm in a separate universe, there's literally nothing I can do in the show. But these commenters live in this city.
[Sugayama]: "You simply assume that someone will clean this mess up! And if it doesn't work out, you'll sit there and whine about it. Tell me: What have you done? Have you done a single thing to help our country?"
Which ok, careful you don't go full hyperbolic against the commentators and drive away your new fans. It's not a clear-cut issue here. Commenter is wrong in demanding other people solve problems without putting in any effort themselves. But Sugayama, if you're gonna have a government then said government needs to do something. Maybe don't complain at the complainers (especially giving a blanket insult for not voting in elections that's pretty targeted there)...
Well! It seems to be working actually, the word-bubble comments are getting sheepish.
Aaaaand here come the fangirls declaring Energetic Prime Minster "cute".

Nonono dude don't calm down now, you were doing great!
Well actually Calm PM is remarking about how alone he's felt since getting the job (*distant fangirl squeeing*), refocuses on the notes- come on dude, do what Hajime says to do!
Emergency Announcement for Tachikawa: We will begin distributing free smart phones to all of the citizens living in Tachikawa!
(*distant screaming of phone retailers, teachers, and old people, overshadowed by the cheering of literally everyone else*)
Hot damn, can I move to Tachikawa?

Well actually it seems at least the retail workers are fine with this decree, rushing out of their stores carrying bags of phones. Now let's get everyone registered!

Message from President X to Prime Minster Sugayama about a panic on an exit highway. Orders?
[Disbelieving Prime Minster]: "They need me...?"
Uh, dude, the livestream is still live. Show confidence!
[Determined Prime Minister]: "All right! I'll do it!"
Away he goes... leaving a blank live stream. Aaaand cut!

Woo, we've got 82% of folks out of the city, the Gatchaman don't have to hold back as much.
Although a lot of folks are upset with the riot police... announcement? What did they say that's got the crowd riled up?
Oh jeez. Apparently they're telling people to slow down and stay close to the police, since everyone rushing outside can cause accidents and there's no guarantee that just leaving the city will protect people from the CROWDS. But understandably, the civilians just want to get away from the danger and are ignoring the police, especially the disaffected youth and drunkards-

Alright, the Prime Minster's here, thanks for the lift Utsu. Do your thing, politician!
Calls for everyone to remain calm, follow evacuation orders even if they say to stay in one spot...
[Sugayama]: "I am done running! I will fight alongside the people of Tachikawa and the Gatchaman! So everyone, please believe in us and do as we ask!"

Alright, good spee- wait, glitch?

[Not-Sayagama]: "Everyone, have you finished registering on GALAX?"
oh no.
oh no no nO.

Wait, the Prime Minister is confused aw crap so the RL Prime Minister is real but the one on everyone's new phone screen is Berg. And there's now a little icon next to the X symbol...

ooooooooh shit.
[Not-Sayagama]: "If you click on that button, you will obtain the power of the CROWDS."

Aaaand there go the discussion boards, people cheering "Sayagama" for giving everyone the "CROWDS of Justice" to fight against the "bad CROWDS" argh

The CROWDS map floods with new red x's as Rui looks broken...


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The CROWDS map floods with new red x's as Rui looks broken...
You may have noticed by now, but Katze is kiiiind of an asshat. 😶

And it's the first time Hajime is flat out outmaneuvered. In part because she forgot her own lessons, remember when she said Galax is just a tool and you souldn't rely on it so much? Oops.

And poor Sagayama, learning to grow a spine just for some jerkfaced alien to steal his thunder and ruin his crowning moment of awesome. Still, I love the guy's humanity.

EDIT: Come to think of it, how often do you have a human look at a politician in media? He's not a faceless Mr. President ruling over the world like a distant god, neither is he the sniveling asshole the squared-jawed protagonist must steamroll over to Get Thing Done. He's just a guy struggling with a lifetime of disapointment and isolation. And he could become part of the solution, with some help from a certain someone.

(and then the show gave us no response from J.J., seriously? What is he even doing while the climax is happening?)
What makes you think he's capable of doing something? Heck what makes you think he's any more human than the MESS? :p

... What makes you think he hasn't already done something?

There we go! A quick question about Rui's opinion on sunsets, and compared to Not-Rui's creepy answer X is a-ok with the new response. We're back!
That's pretty impressive of X there. That kind of thing seems natural for us meatbags because we're pack animals who learned empathy over tens of millions of years of evolution. X is basically a two years old learning to think hollistically and test personality when they realize their sense can be deceived.

Again, Empathy. Almost as it was a theme or something.

...ok I've complained about it to Tephi, but what is up with the GALAX livestreaming deal where comments appear in real-time as wordbubbles over the video?
That's a thing in japaneese streaming, the way the word bubbles work is lifted pretty much straight up from NicoVideo. And yes, people have translated the comments to find them surprisingly true to life.

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Rainfall Rainfall Katze is indeed an asshat. Damnit dude we just kicked you out of GALAX and started using it for good again, stop being lazy and using the same (highly effective) plan again!
But yeah, props to Sagayama! Turns out all he needed was a bit of prodding from the Protagonist and some direct insults to get his backbone back. Humanity stepping up!
Look, J.J. is/was the established leader of the Earth Gatchaman. That makes it his responsibility, alien or not. Either the dude needs to actually stand up and do his job, or he needs to clearly acknowledge that the Gatchaman are now independent like Sugane said. He doesn't just keep getting to bum around rent-free in the base.
And yeah, X using empathy for the win!
Good lord the comments over the video are an actual Japanese thing? Gah! I can hardly see the screen!

Last Time: The Prime Minister stepped up, yay everyone is using GALAX now, and OH NO EVERYONE IS USING GALAX NOW. Onwards!

Final episode, woo! Now, I remember you guys were warning me early on that the original release had some... issues. I dunno whether or not iTunes kept the original or updated it, but hey the point of WMTW is to compare original reactions. If it ends up being confusing I'll try and find the rerelase, but if not y'all can just laugh at my confusion as usual. At the very least I know that Crunchyroll has the mentioned OVA as a prologue episode, so that's one less thing to worry about.

Now, back to the awfulness of Berg subverting GALAX again!

Episode 12 - "Collage"

Yup. That's a lot of new CROWDS all right.
Poor Sagayama's trying to convince people to not use these free superpowers. It's not working.
Oh dear Police Lady's ordering the riot cops forward, but now the civilians are feeling confident enough to ignore orders to disperse and evacuate. They've got CROWDS on their side now, after all. What do they have to fear?

Pai orders the G-Crew (look just please call them the Gatchaman that just sounds silly) to back off on the attacks, the new CROWDS look just like the NEO HUNDRED ones and they can't risk attacking civilians.

Goddamnit Berg stop crowing about the "foolish humans". You-

[Berg's NOTE]: "Berg Katze, I'm waiting in the Mental Cliff."
Ok so now the leader of the Gatchaman is getting off his butt-
WHOA what the hell did you just call him, Katze? That's-
Wait hold on.
Are you talking about J.J., or...

Aaaaaw crap. It's not J.J. writing, but O.D.
The 300-year-old is taunting Berg to come and face him down in the Gatchaman base, breaking out the insults when Berg initially dismisses the "obvious trap".
Yup saying that Berg can't do anything unless he's disguised did the trick, out come the shark teeth and freaky red eyes.

[Berg]: "Now I'm pissed!"

The intro, one last tim- welp.
That's a G-Form standing in O.D.'s spot.
It's happening!

Hey Hajime, how are you holding up with the CROWDS dispersal?
Oh heck a new Hajime Plan?
[Hajime, cheerfully]: "I'm thinkin' Rui, that this is too much for us."
[Rui, less so]: "What?!"

Gaaaaah. CROWDS are going wild, fighting each other and squabbling over evacuation food supplies.
Wait, who's talking to J.J.? About someone coming and this being a young planet?

Yeah no Military Lady, the CROWDS aren't going to listen to you any more than they listened to the mayor-
What the hell, they just knocked her through a window! Jerks!

[Offscreen Person]: "Everyone lives each day unsure of what is right or wrong."
Aaaand now Military Lady's troops are avenging her... by summoning CROWDS of their own. Gaaaaaah.

[Sugane Screams in Non-Hajime Horror Count]: 1

Welp. Tachikawa's in shambles, everyone's breaking out the CROWDS even if just to evacuate while others keep claiming that it's totally legal to commit criminal activity with CROWDS...
What the hell can Rui do now?

[Offscreen Person]: "Things don't work as one wishes in this disconnected world."
Uh, no? The problem here is that everything was too connected. For all the good communication and organization from GALAX, that same connectivity meant that when Berg hacked it again everyone instantly heard his "offer".
[OP]: "The people repeat their mistakes time and again."

Oh wow Umeda's certainly had a change of heart. Even as he ushers his family to safety he's shouting at the squabbling CROWDS about how they can't change things through violence-
CROWDS backhand to the face!
Riiiight in front of his preschooler daughter.

Oooh that's a neat quote in the context of repeated mistakes to try and find a different tomorrow.
"Are CROWDS truly only used to raise Cain?"
Gah now the comments are sliding into a cynical "who cares what happens to strangers" zone.

Oh ok Offscreen Person was O.D., didn't recognize the serious voice.
[Magician Hat O.D.]: "I can't help but love that about them. That is why..."
Oh shit dude's got Shadowed Eyes he's pissed.
[O.D.]: "I will never forgive those who harm this planet!"

Hajime, what are you doing resting by a tree in the park? What's your plan?
...if the plan is to distract Berg by being a taunting target then it's working.
She still can't see him though.

Aha, the return of the riddle! Did I guess it right?
[Berg]: "What is something that all humans love that is super sweet-"
[Hajime]: "Is it misfortune?"
HA! Called it!
Berg gleefully confirms it, claiming everyone on the planet is ecstatic. After all, doesn't everyone love watching other people suffer? A happy story is a momentary distraction, but a sad story will keep you "entertained" for hours.
Wha- Hajime, don't agree with him!
Berg praises her honesty. So go ahead, admit that you hate everything that he's done, admit that your smile is faltering behind your facade, admit to feeling pissed off! Admit that you want to see Berg drop dead!

[Hajime]: "Katze, I won't kill you. You have my word!"
Yeah Berg didn't like that answer, gets fed up and tells Hajime to go die.
[Hajime]: "I ain't gonna die. And I'm not gonna kill you."
[Troll Berg]: "Yeah, roflol!"

Look dude aside from the one time she tried to kick you over Sugane, you've gotta realize this is Hajime. She's not going to-
[Hajime]: "Katze, when things calm down, would you go on a date with me?"

I... dunno what that was about.
And while Hajime can't see Berg himself, she can see his effect on the environment.
Such as entering the Gatchaman Base elevator and taking it down.
Are you... gonna stop him?
Apparently not, just asks him to wait at the Tachikawa Station concourse for their date.
Ok I'm confused.

[Hajime, singing]: "What is it to be a hero? What, indeed?"

Well, that aside, O.D. is still talking in the base to J.J. with one last thing to tell his boss.
And that's his thanks for making Hajime a Gatchaman.

Aw snap Berg's here!
And he's already attacking J.J.'s seat and stealing his scissors!
[Berg]: "I have a report for my dear J.J., who watches over this foolish planet. Tachikwawa is utterly doomed!"
Wait where did J.J. go?

Berg crows about starting the destruction of this world-
[Magician O.D.]: "Yeah, no."
Aw crap Berg is well aware of O.D.'s Godzilla Threshold status.

Ah, there's J.J. Floating well above the Mental Cliff. Are you... gonna do anything?
Look Vampire Grandpa I remember you were on the poster, you've gotta do something besides shanghai the protagonist.

Berg's taunting O.D. about unleashing his power-
[Berg]: "Just like back then. Like with your Daddy's planet!"
Ok. Hey O.D., whatever happens? Make this hurt.

Cry out those Engrish Catchphrases, and let's do this!
Damn but that's a fine Warframe-esque G-Form. Loving the wings.
Launch the atta- OH SHIT
We're actually seeing Berg's transformation aaaah! It's...
Well ok then.
All I can think of looking at this is Mummy Vampire Bunny, what with the wrappings and cape and ear things.
What's with the left arm and leg being translucent, though? Besides Utsu's black-and-white thing all the other G-Forms have been one style?
Aaaand G-Form Berg's weapon is a guitar. Because why not?

Dunno if the rainbow assortment of O.D.s falling to the ground are one of O.D.'s attacks or an effect of Berg's soundwave...
[Bunny Berg]: "If you destroy everything, you won't get to see your friends again."

Gaaah Berg's chains are stabbing right through the rainbow O.D.s and O.D. Prime is coughing up blood inside his suit no no no

O.D.'s breaking out his own glowing chains but he paused when he thought of Utsu-
WOW ok Berg is just throwing out the slurs here not cool dude.
Mental Utsu thanks O.D. for all his work, says she'll get lost in reverie if he doesn't come home aaand now O.D.'s bleeding from the eyes dude stop
[O.D.]: "Utsu-tsu, you've certainly learned how to speak your mind."

Aw man, O.D.'s so pissed he's calling Berg a freak. Dude please don't start yelling slurs like your opponent.

Arm? Arm! He just disintegrated one of Berg's arms! Woo, keep it up!
Wait no Berg sounds too amused, even as O.D. blasts off his legs and he goes smashing into the ground O.D. be careful

[O.D.]: "I'm not afraid. I simply want to see more of this world. There is a tomorrow that you could never create waiting in its future."
Wait he's reaching into Berg's chest-
A NOTE! Rui's NOTE! Oh please go where I think you're going...
Gah O.D. if that's going to get to Rui you should get it there soon, you're really not looking so good-

[Berg, laughing]: "T-tomorrow is boring!"

He just
When Berg beat Joe he tore out the crystallized note, apparently didn't destroy it since Joe had his NOTE intact for a second wind a few episodes ago.
Berg just stabbed straight through O.D.'s still-implanted NOTE with J.J.'s scissors

Berg lols, blood splatters on his mask...
And O.D.'s chains dissipate.
[Utsu]: "O.D.!"
That... no. no no no.
All the death flags, sure, but I hoped...

Guh. Rui's up on the surface, trying to think of what to do. If he only still had his NOTE-
Wait. O.D.?
Wait nO
[FUCK YOU]: "Hi-hi! I can't believe I kept you waiting so long."

...wait. He has Rui's NOTE? And is offering it to Rui?
And blood under a sleeve he tries to cover, and his back is a shredded mess...
What the hell, is this actually O.D.? Did he escape from Berg?
...ok then! Didn't expect that! Whoo!

Now Rui's back in play with a NOTE, and
oshit bLOOD
O.D. get your lazy ass up there's still work to do no lying around on the job!

Uuuugh well at least Berg still seems immobilized down in the base, even as he crows about the world burning crimson.
[Half-Berg]: "I can't wait to see it! LOLOLOLOL!"

Alright Rui, you've got your NOTE back. Now what can we do with it? I know last time you used it to gift the CROWDS ability, perhaps a different method this time around?
A quick chat with the Mayor and Prime Minister (who hasn't even customized his avatar yet)...

Aw yeah Rui's getting the Gatchaman theme, let's kick ass!
[Rui]: X, I wasn't wrong. My partners... are everyone.
...aw, I was hoping for a Rui transformation. But a GatChannel Livestream works!
Oh heck yeah. Gamemaster Rui is back in business! This new one is called the "Tachikawa CROWDS Game". Anyone who plays ARE YOU KIDDING ME
Rui. Rui. What did I just say.
We need to try something besides unleashing more CROWDS. Gaaaaaah.

Well ok then. Rui is saying "players" will get their own CROWDS-
[Office Ladies and Me]: "Give me a break!"
And after Rui shows off a few punches (look if you're going to do this at least have your CROWDS be a different shade than the rampaging ones) X sends out an invitation email.
Well maybe if Rui can keep control-
[Rui]: "I'll let you decide how to use them. After all, I'm not you."

Gaaaaah. How. How how how. I just don't see this working. You are just throwing out into the wild the power of the CROWDS. This is a dumb idea.
Especially as you're now saying that this is going to be sent OUTSIDE OF TACHIKAWA.

Ok and Rui's saying that those who can't come can offer points through the app-
And then immediately starts punching out a CROWDS that appeared near her. And you knew it wasn't one of the people you just invited... how, exactly?
But nah, let's declare that we should earn a billion update points with this game. This stupid, stupid game.
Just... aaaaaargh.

[Rui]: "Do you think this will work, X?"
[X]: "Rui, why are you asking me that? It's quite obvious to me."
Yes it is indeed obvious that- well no X is just focused on how excited Rui is right now, so sure it's obvious that this will work.
I just...

Well I'm at least happy that Rui is happy.

So now EVEN MORE CROWDS are flooding the city as mildly-interested commuters decide to check out this new game mention. And this is a good thing?
[Military Lady]: "I can never tell what these smart kids are thinking!"
Wait is this a generational divide thing? Aw jeez am I too old for Anime Protagonist Thinking? Please say no, I have a hard-enough time watching old Disney movies now.

[Sugane]: "Whoa! Isn't this a BAD idea?"
Yeah see arguments are already starting to break out among the newcomers, and we still have to deal with all of the evacuees...

Oh. Ok now this is a good idea. The evacuees need food? Then promote a "Rice Ball Cook Off" game through GALAX, get the assorted housewives of Japan to... I guess gather food for the evacuees? How's that going to work, are they going to cook using their CROWDS, or maybe cook themselves and then have their CROWDS teleport the food to Tachikawa? Because if it's the latter then holy crap maybe mass CROWDS isn't such a horrific idea if you solve global food distribution.

Alright but what about the infighting between CROWDS? A new game to drive back the CROWDS? Ok, then cue even more infighting as everyone tries to earn points by beating up random CROWDS because they all look the same.
Oh? A GALAX user's already made a game like that? Huh. Well ok then, let's crowdsource this! "NeO-HUN HUNTER" has the Rui seal of approval!

It's... working? The new CROWDS are pacifying other CROWDS that I'll assume belonged to the NEO, so.. yay?
Sugane swoops in to chide these vigilantes, this is dangerous-
[CROWDS]: "No way! My ranking is on the line!"
Oh my gosh we cut to the actual person and it's a little girl.
[Incredulous Sugane]: "Your ranking?!"

Well... I mean, I guess it really is working. And the outsider CROWDS are certainly enjoying themselves- daw. Ok, seeing how two of the newcomers beating up NEO CROWDS are a little girl and her elderly bedbound grandmother? That's sweet. Huh, and offering a mobility method for elderly and disabled GALAX users? Ok I'm seeing more and more upsides to this.

Hot DAMN, but the NEO are down to only 23 CROWDS left?!
And the newest game is literally a debris pick-up game. Gamification for the win!
Pai chews out some "bystanders" by the preschool, but gets corrected that they're actually using their CROWDS to help out...
And the Office Ladies yell at a CROWDS carrying an old man and a kid, but it turns out they're reuniting families separated in the evacuation...
(these good deeds are ever so slightly undercut by the glee of the users, like how a grandpa and grandkid are worth a whole bunch of points)

Well the Mayor's certainly on board with this mass CROWDS game. The Office Ladies, not so much.
[Office Lady]: "How dare they treat this like a game when we're taking it seriously?!"
[Mayor]: "Does it matter? No matter how they got there, it's nice to see more smiles."
Ah, so you're a proponent of the Greatest Happiness Principle?
And yeah, if civilians are helping out then the trained government officials can focus on jobs more suited to their abilities. If the civvies are having fun while still helping, then might as well leave them to their game. Mayor out! *bike bell*

Alright, well there certainly seems to be a lot of cheer going around, people smiling all over as they rack up points according to the rules of Almighty President X.

[Rui]: "X, this has turned into something incredible, hasn't it?"
Honestly? Yeah, it has. I am still certain that it could have gone horribly wrong, but... well. In this case, it seems Berg was wrong about human nature. That's... nice.

[Rui]: "Everyone is independent yet united."
Eeeeeeh. Yes, there's some cooperation going on like the housewife cooking team or the granddaughter and grandma teamup. But there's also a fair share of people focusing on their point rankings and how to maximize their gains. I suppose if you can engineer the rules to encourage cooperative actions that capitalistic point focus can be turned to good, but...
Look this system, for all the good that it's doing, has a single massive point of failure in the form of X. And just this season it's been subverted twice to disastrous effect. I can't endorse your system until we have a good answer for that single point.

Hot damn, over a million people came to the city to help out? And there's still nearly a quarter million active users working? Alright that's cool.
And heck, here's the Prime Minister with a smile on his face!
Pffft ok you've had some decent character growth I'll allow the snark about getting these active people to do their civic duty and vote.

And here's the Protagonist! Who's been absent for... wow pretty much half of this final episode. Interesting story choice there. So Hajime, what do you think is gonna happen next season?
[Hajime, posing]: "I have no idea!"
Yup, that's Hajime.


After everything that's happened, after the last of the NEO HUNDRED get cubed... now MESSY and the other alien Rubik's cubes bother to show up?!
Where were you three episodes ago?!

Anyways, Sagayama dons his suit jacket and starts up a new livestream, reporting that the last of the NEO HUNDRED CROWDS have been neutralized. So, uh, would everyone please turn off their CROWDS and end the game?

...ok I can't read Japanese so I don't know what the screen-blocking comments are saying, but Sagayama seems upset by it? And Hajime suggests he let the people make up their own minds? Let me guess, they don't want to give up their new superpowers?

[Hajime]: "What's the matter, Rui?"
[Rui]: "Really... this isn't over yet, is it?"
[Hajime]: "Sure isn't! This isn't gonna wrap up that easily."
Darn right, we've still got another season to go!

Sagayama apologizes and promises to listen to the comment section (oh dear), and declares that the game shall continue. Indefinitely?
[Hajime]: "It'll be okay! After all, we're all heroes now!"
Huh. So we're just making CROWDS a part of everyday life then? Giving everyone the ability to use going forward? Or as Hajime puts it, letting everyone be a hero, not just the J.J. chosen Gatchaman?
Huh. Alright, I can get behind that idea, especially since we just proved Berg wrong about human nature when given this power. That's a good message!
Uh, but maybe let's put out the fires in the background first.

[Hajime, singing]: "What is it to be a hero? What, indeed? What does it take?"

Down underground to J.J., who's... still just floating. Dude either do something or retire already.
And HA. Screw you BerOH COME ON.
NO NO NO. You asshole you had no legs! I don't care if you're a superpowered alien or whatever, you can't just literally walk that off by standing up in your regular form completely intact, stretching and yawning! Back on the ground with you!
Damnit J.J. strike him down!

Welp. Berg just 'ports back to the surface to- wait.
Berg 'ported up expecting to see fire and destruction.
He did NOT expect to see CROWDS racing to form rice balls as a crowd cheers.
A quick disguise, an attempted heckling... hahaha they're ignoring the troll this is great.

Katze 'ports... to see CROWDS playing baseball with children.
Katze 'ports... to see CROWDS safely and flashily street-fighting as another referees.
Very Irritated Katze 'ports much, much later... to see the still-projected comment threads deriding his NEO HUNDRED as self-important jerks.

[Berg]: "You're STUPID! You have absolutely no taste!"

Looks like the next day now, Hajime chilling at an intersection?
Ah, calling the parental unit. How's Mom doing? Haven't heard anything about her since Hajime called about moving in with a superhero crew. No no, nothing's a problem, Hajime just wanted to hear her Mom's voice. Well actually, just one thing.
[Hajime]: "I'm me... no matter what. That's all. Later!"

She opens her NOTE aaaand that's the season.
Well ok then!
So I'll give it some to settle before WAIT after-credits scene!

2016? Darn I forgot when this show was first set, how much time has passed?
Summer in Tachikawa, and the Prime Minster's holding a press conference.
Aha. Ok so it seems not everything is as hunky dory as it appeared to Katze, apparently there's rising criminal activity with the CROWDS. Perhaps we should require a license to use the CROWDS? (*distant Republican screaming*)

Sagayama, what are your thoughts?
...wow, really?
Dude just blatantly asks X to survey GALAX to get everyone's opinion.
Ok, well on the one hand yay democracy. On the other hand you're basing your responses solely on public opinion? Not to mention getting your information via the previously-hacked Artificial Intelligence?

Surprise surprise, survey says GALAX (which I'll assume a large number of them already use CROWDS) doesn't want restrictive licensing.
[Sagayama]: "The CROWDS are wonderful because anyone can use them. But first, let's hear what everyone has to say."
*shows chat thread oh hey he finally updated his avatar*
[Sagayama]: "I'm not the only leader of this nation. *wink*"
[Press Pool]: "uuuuuuuh."
Yeah, that's... not exactly a good thing.

Heya Hajime! Heading out. Do you even still go to school?
Goodbyes are said to Sugane and Pai, cares are urged (oh man remember when Pai hated Hajime?), and Hajime's out for another wonderful day. Don't you think wAIT KATZE?!
...when did Katze turn into a snarking bandanna that Hajime's wearing? Just... what?!
...I'm assuming they added an explanation in the rerelease? Welp. Now I definitely have to track that down. Just... what?


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Yeah the original release kind of just skips the climax and confrontation with Katze. The DC has about 15 minutes of extra footage.


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Really? They just... skipped the Protagonist defeating the Big Bad? Ouch.
If I didn't know there was a DC, that would pretty much have sunk the show for me. Maybe I'd have picked it up when a second season came out, but as much as Hajime plays with Protagonist tropes to cut her out of the majority of the published finale? That's a deal breaker.
Well, let's see how they wrap things up with an extra episode.

Last Time: I had an itty bitty breakdown about bringing more CROWDS into this mess, it ended up working a lot better than I expected, and Hajime got a talking bandanna somehow. Onwards!

(Director's Cut) Episode 13 - "Embrace"

No pre-intro segment, and we're back to Rui's Tachikawa CROWDS game where he decided the best tool against rampaging CROWDS is to get even more CROWDS. Ok, ok, in hindsight it's not the worst idea. The NEO HUNDRED are those specifically handpicked by Berg after Rui and X had already discounted them for their attitudes, and while Rui spammed the message to everyone on GALAX he quickly provided guidelines with the game rules for the newcomers to follow so everyone didn't just run around randomly like Berg's second offer. Still though! You can understand my freakout!

Ooh ok we've got some extra scenes, like the first casual adopters realizing their newfound power and the Mayor with Utsu seeing more CROWDS appear.
[Utsu]: "I'm feeling gloomy."
(ok so I'm off iTunes for this ep, the subs may not line up with the iTunes versions. Guessing the more accurate translation would be Utsu's standard Lost In Reverie line)

Military Lady and Sugane question the wisdom of bringing in more CROWDS when one of the newcomers immediately rips up a soccer goal, oh cool we see the Food Game was prompted by a little kid telling X he was hungry.

Housewives start cooking, another user preempts Rui by making a "hunting" game...

Joe! Hey Joe! What's with your baseline form, taking a smokebreak while the new CROWDS fight?
Apparently so, he's just watching as one CROWDS beats up another. But it's ok, because the winning CROWDS is one of the good ones (although you can't tell just by looking since they all look the same), even thanks the loser for the points.
[Joe]: "Heh. They don't even need our help."

Hunt continues, I still love the teamup of the grandkid and her grandma...

Pai's perched on a traffic cone, musing about how the NEO HUNDRED are pretty much removed from play so other CROWDS are starting with the cleanup.
Hey! Watch where you're going! It's good that you're helping out, even if the primary motivator is earning points, but be careful you just knocked Pai to the ground!

Another new snippet when the MESS return (still salty about the missed anti-NEO HUNDRED opportunity there), seems Hajime's taught them rock-paper-scissors. Isn't that neat, Rui? Sagayama?
Oh shoot. Yeah this is the Prime Minister's first time seeing another alien race.
[Sagayama]: "Okay... I don't think anything could surprise me anymore."
You fool, you clearly haven't been hanging around Hajime long enough.
Still, he's glad to have met the Protagonist and... what do we even call Rui? He may have started off aligned with Berg, but aside from asking the Gatchaman to retire he's never been that antagonistic.

PM gives his speech, and oh good I've got translations for the comments this time which are indeed all "heck no we wanna keep playing".

Berg goes topside and tries to stir up trouble pfft aw at the riceball competition there's a guy waving a "Go, Mom!" sign.

New scene, oh jeez the game's been running for seven days straight! Unsure if the pedestrians under the tv are blank-faced just because they're on a commute, or if it's showing people are getting tired of CROWDS running around.

Whoa jeez that's a LOT of cubed CROWDS piled up in the Gatchaman base. What are they gonna do with them?
Some of the helper aliens are carrying them to a singing Hajime who wait what are you doing Hajime you just said they're souls don't stab them with your scissors-
Ok, so instead of stabbing she cuts along the top, which... turns them into NOTES.

Ooooooooh. So it's like the reverse of J.J.'s recruitment. Instead of pulling a NOTE from a person, Hajime's making a note to put back in!
And Rui's using GALAX to track down the unconscious users, and gets teleported to deliver the NOTES.
Wakey-wakey, NEO HUNDRED! And now that you're awake, I'm pretty sure the cops want to have a word with you.

Long day, Hajime? Still hungry even after supper?
Aw Sugane's concerned that she's acting differently. Maybe if she's tired from converting all the CROWDS, you guys could help out?
Eh? Uh hold on, this actually sounds concerning. We've got shots of her face shadowed, Sugane's seeing expressions she's never made before and... oooooooh.
[Sugane]: "And she keeps watching."
Yup. She's watching you train. Complimenting your sword. Spending time around you.
Is it happening?!

Wait hold on Utsu too?! Yessss OT3!
Utsu says she gave a little tree in return for the ribbon(s) and yup that's a blush there, maintained through a hug-
[Hajime]: "It really is cute. I hope I can keep thinking that way."
Excuse you little lady, what do you mean by that? Something that Utsu's heard you say multiple times?

The cat Al's guarding his bandage-swaddled couch-bound human...
Aw man.
O.D. I thought you were more perceptive than that. You say that Hajime's fine, but that's just based on her not looking depressed? I mean sure, it's Hajime. But we only just got Joe back in a good mood, it's better to be safe than sorry. Especially if you think her odd behavior is caused by "something important on her little mind."

Yeah the rest of the G-Crew (plus Rui!) has gathered upside in the park to discuss Hajime, and decide that it must be about Katze. Right that dude's still running around. But if that's the case, why isn't she discussing it more with her friends? Especially if she can't even see the dude?

...wow, Pai. Really? You're just assuming that since Katze hasn't been seen since the Game started that he just "got bored" and left for another planet? Even setting aside everything he's done and everyone he's killed here, your priority should be figuring out his location and warning his next target! And if he's not gone, if he's hiding on Earth planning his next plot...

[Sugane]: "O.D., I remember you saying that Katze's like a child... I'd say Katze's gone because he wasn't having fun anymore. What if he's waiting for someone to play with him again?"
Ok but- wait. SHIT!
The Date! That's right, Hajime called him out just before he went into the base, told him to meet her at the station later! What the hell Hajime I thought you'd know better than to exclude your friends and go full Protagonist trying to face the Big Bad on your own!
(granted thanks to the original ending we know that things are going to work out just fine and Katze's going to get turned into clothes or whatever, but still!)

...ooh that's a good point.
[Sugane]: "She was the only one who treated him as an equal, after all."
Utsu does not approve.

Alright, that's the last CROWDS-turned-NOTE! But seriously did Hajime have to do all that work? Come on guys, help your teammate out!
[Hajime]: "Now then, shall we?"
Oh boy here we go. Time to kick Berg's ass!

Wait, people?
Huh! Alright, so apparently people now know about this elevator being the entrance to the Gatchaman base, there's a security guard clearing a path for Hajime to leave. And I dunno if the fire department has their base rebuilt yet from the NEO HUNDRED attack, but Fire Chief and some of his crew are nearby and shoot Hajime a salute-

Show? Hey show, knock it off with the quite sad music as Hajime goes along giving handshakes instead of autographs...
Ok, this gives a lot more context to her phonecall to her mom.
[Hajime]: "I'm me... no matter what. That's all. Later!"
Hoo boy. That line, in addition to the "I hope I can keep thinking that way" comments and the current sad music?
Whatever Hajime's planning, she's worried that it'll change her.
Ok, shit. Hajime look if your plan carries the risk of changing your entire nature, then you especially need to have a clear talk with your team! O.D. may say you don't look depressed, but...

[Hajime, writing in her NOTE]: I'm going on a date with Katze at the Tachikawa Station Concourse!
[G-Crew]: "Excuse you wHAT?!"
And away they go!
[Hajime, writing]: To everyone! Everyone around the world!
oh my gosh Rui really is part of the crew now, Pai's calling him "newerbie" that's awesome
And yup that's a classic Hajime-freakout from Sugane, he's racing out of the train station pushing NPC's aside.

Gatchannel special broadcast?
Oh heck apparently that message went outside the G-Crew, there are a LOT of people waiting at Tachikawa Station along with the Gatchaman who do Not Look Happy.

Alright so Hajime's starting the broadcast, and the comments are confused.
[Hajime]: "Katze, got a question for you! Why didn't you give CROWDS to everyone from the start? You knew it'd end up like this, didn't you?"
...well I sure as hell didn't, I suppose I shared his idea that unfettered access to CROWDS would be a Bad Thing. Assuming otherwise implies a much more optimistic outlook than I think the Troll has.
Not that he'll admit to being wrong at this point, so yeah sure it was "clear as day". Also, Katze's now here in an underground subway station packed with civilians. Mmmmaybe we could move this outside?

Oh? Hajime can almost see him now?
He snarks about their "relationship", Hajime... ok you really didn't mean this was a Date-date, right Hajime? I mean, this is Berg. Also Sugane and Utsu are right there.

[Hajime]: "I really love you! But I can't let you get away."
Alright this is more familiar ground for the Troll, of course Hajime is super pissed at him behind her happy-go-lucky exterior. So yeah, let's go, time to fight to the death!
[Hajime]: "No, I'm not!"
Hajime plz don't deny me my epic Boss Battle! Which sure it's more in your character to resolve things without conflict like with MESSy, but this is BERG. There's no way you're going to be able to pacify him through the power of Love And Friendship. Also he's killed so many people.

Ok yeah she's here to talk things over with Berg, but he's taunting her as ghostly images of civilians oh hey it's Drunk Guy again!
[Salaryman-Berg]: "You reek of lies like every human."
[Hajime]: "Good, Katze! Keep it coming! Tell me how you really feel!"
Ok seriously what's your plan here?

...oh you did not just call Hajime a Bad Word.
The G-Crew draw their NOTES (yessss)...
Hajime says it's gonna be fine (boooo)...
She still can't see him? Not even the glowing figures-

[Hajime]: "You're me, Katze! You're us!"
So what, Katze is an expression of the collective jerkishness of life?
Huh! That's a neat concept! Everyone's always treated Katze as an individual, just some scarily-powerful alien that shows up on planets before they're destroyed.
But if Katze's more of a psychic entity...
Well, individual or entity, it doesn't really matter.
Because Hajime's got her scissors-

Katze's shadows collapsed into his simple Berg form, and Hajime just lashed out with her scissors!
She just sliced off most of his hair!
[Hajime]: "Found you, Katze-san!"

Ahahahaha no more hiding for you, Internet Hate Machine Troll! Hajime just cut away your face-concealing hair, everyone can now see the figure behind all the hateful comments.
Yeah I'm pretty sure I get the implications here.
Thank you, Moderator Hajime!

[Hajime]: "I knew you were just lonely! It's gonna be all right now."
Aaaaand now she's lost me.
Hajime. He has killed people. Do not befriend him!
Berg yells at her to die, she retorts that she won't kill him...

Ok Berg you need to cool it with the Bad Words-
wait what
Kiss?! Hajime just kissed Berg?
Ok so this is a counter to Berg's copy-kisses, he's flashing through all of the characters before settling on Rui (man this must be weird for the G-Crew to see)...
Did Hajime just turn him into a NOTE
hA! Oh my god that's perfect!

Ok that's a damn good plan! We've seen Hajime can convert CROWDS to NOTES, and CROWDS are souls, and she just isolated Berg from a collective entity to a compressed individual so he's essentially just a single soul, and with a distracting kiss... alright! Hahaha, can't do shit when you're a little notebook can you ya jerk-

This was seriously your plan
Not to just compress the personification of the IHM to a small, easily containable form that can be locked away forever
But to then take that notebook and jam it into your chest?!
Are you seriously using yourself as a jail?
You are turning yourself into the Can for a Sealed Evil?!
...well holy shit.
No wonder you were making all of those comments about your thought processes, if you're purposefully trapping the IHM in your own soul.

Gaaaaaaaaaah. This is not a pain-free process. Hajime's shifted to her G-Form but she's still screaming.
She's fallen down, rolling on the ground in pain, are none of the G-Crew going to try and help or stop her?!

Ok she's stumbled behind a pillar and her G-Form dissipated. Is she
nOPE she's still screaming plz stop

Whoop. So apparently the civilians Berg was impersonating felt the Kiss, seeing as they're all covering their mouths and blushing.

[Gatchannel Comment]: "Well, that was weird."

Oh jeez it was everyone who felt the Kiss? Well no wonder nobody was moving to help her.

Heeeeey, Hajime's sitting back up!
[Hajime]: "It's gonna be all right now, Katze. Stay here forever, okay? Here within me, forever and ever."
[Hajime's Chest]: "wat."

So... yeah. Berg is now a reedy little voice coming from Hajime's... chest.
Also he's calling her "Hajime-tan"? What's that honorific mean?

Well, if anyone would be able to power through literal invasive thoughts, it'll be Hajime. And she has decreed that she and Katze will have oodles of fun!
Berg is not a fan.

Quickly followed by a great big Sugane Hug.
[Hajime]: "Senpai! I can't breathe!"
Yeah no he's not letting you go anytime soon, Hajime. It may have worked out, but next time you're planning to trap the Big Bad in your soul could you at least warn your friends ahead of time?

Aaand now we're back to familiar scenes, Prime Minister Sagayama facing the press pool and demonstrating that they now live in a... I wanna call it a democratic technocracy. The direct will of the people, as gathered by an AI?

Ok cool the translated comments are mostly "uh no rules on CROWDS control plz". I'm personally in favor of the one suggesting it be part of the school curriculum.

Well the unease of the press pool aside, Sagayama's enjoying a 70% approval rating. Something tells me he'll be in office for a while.

Hey, Sugane! Where are you off to in such a hurry? Trying to catch up on classwork?
Aw man. Yeah, being a Gatchaman would really screw up your studytime. And it looks like he's getting called again-
[Joe]: Sugane, let's go out drinking today.
Oh my. That is quite a blush your sporting there, kiddo. Do you- wait heck are you finally old enough to go drinking with Joe, I remember you said no last time because you weren't. Well shoot, go for it buddy!

Now we're over to Tachikawa Prison?
Oh hey it's Umeda! So I'm guessing he got arrested for the whole "lead a group of terrorists at the suggestion of a supernatural being until said being supplanted me and doxxed my family" thing? And he's getting out after only a year?

Daw, his daughter's waiting at the nearby bus stop! Mama too. Family reunion!

And now we catch up with Rui, heading to the library at school- oh shoot. He just got a message that "No. 26" was discharged.
Phew! I was worried about his reaction, but he's happy to show it to his friends (oh hey it's Hajime's classmates, yay they go to the same school) and give the status an Update. No hard feelings, right?

Oh man, Super Awkward Sugane at the bar, fists clenched and ID clearly visible in front of him. Be nice, Joe's Coworker Ladies!
Although, this is his first ever drink, right? Yeah scratch that, let me get my camera...
Whoa. Ok, kid just downed it in one go. And here I was expecting the usual sip/spit/"gah that's foul" reaction. Guess Joe decided to be nice and order a light beer to start with.

...wait, why are Utsu and O.D. looking sad and holding flowers?
A memorial? With a LOT of flowers and candles?
Aw shoot this is for all the people killed by Berg, isn't it? Both here and on other planets?

Ok and now we get that final scene of Hajime heading out for the day, and ok I thought the voice was from her bandanna but she's just patting her chest.
Pai and Sugane (who is not nursing his first hangover, automatically loads better than my first time drinking) wish her well, and away goes our Protagonist arguing with her complaining chest.
[Berg]: "Someone make her shut up!"
[Hajime]: "Time to start another day! Gatcha!"

Alright then! So that's a much better explanation for the ending, and helps resolve the whole Berg issue. Props to Hajime, I still say she should have talked with her team beforehand but it's definitely a Hajime-style solution.
And there's still plenty to explore in this setting! The GATCHAMAN are no longer working from the shadows, CROWDS are part of everyday society, and while Berg is neutralized there's still a whole galaxy of aliens who could pop on down and cause trouble.
Definitely interested to see where the show goes next with "insight"!


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(ok so I'm off iTunes for this ep, the subs may not line up with the iTunes versions. Guessing the more accurate translation would be Utsu's standard Lost In Reverie line)
Indeed. The line is "Utsūtsu shimasu" so it's also a pun on her name.

Also he's calling her "Hajime-tan"? What's that honorific mean?
It's a baby-talk version of "-chan". Basically I think he's being super-condescending.
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