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Ranubis: totally off topic, but your discussions of MHA reminded me to check whether you'd heard of the Black Clover anime?

It is VERY less ambitious than MHA and downright shabbily animated in places, so I wouldn't bother suggesting it as a future WMTW, but the reason I bring it up is that it feels like MHA fanfiction.

The two central characters are what'd happen if AU versions of Todoroki and a Bakugou with less INT and more CHA grew up together as orphans in a world of magic... and where Bakugou is functionally quirkless within their society.

The first few episodes feature a lot of time where the Bakugou-analogue is screaming in determination and I find the sound very grating, but after that it gets better because he does it less and there are more secondary characters.

Might be in "goofy fun there's no need to write up" territory? We've been finding it like popcorn for the brain.


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It's really fun. I mostly read the manga, but I take a look at some of the anime's scenes. It actually has some pretty nice strategic battles.


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Black Clover manga (and later anime once the first season was so heavily panned) on the other hand are really good. The thing is the Black Clover manga is very fast paced. So fast paced in fact that the main complaint about the anime is the MCs voice... and the second is the glacial pacing compared to the manga. How bad is the anime pacing? Remember how in MHA it took two episodes to cover chapter one properly but from then on it was a chapter or two per episode? Black Clover took five episodes to cover the first chapter. And one of those episodes was anime original filler about the MC and Rival in their childhood which will probably be rendered 100% non-canon as soon as the manga even touches that time period. Season 2 saw the studio basically shamed into trying to pick up the pace to match the manga because as one of the "new big three" the manga was so successful that any failure to launch of the anime is fully on the studio's head.

I am basically going to compare the arc structure of early BC to early Naruto because on at least the surface level they are massively similar but this is actually useful for comparison. The details naturally vary pretty wildly; I am talking in the broadest sense. For the sake of spoilers I am going to spoil the rest of my discussion.

Spoiler: Show

Series starts with the introduction of a past Top Hero destroying a giant monster that threatened their people. Flash forward to MC who is not respected by their society and kind of sucks at their power system but swears that they are going to become Top Hero and make everyone respect them. As such they take a test to try to get into their nations elite military and seem to have flunked out but at the eleventh hour display some incredible fighting ability that lets them just barely pass at the end. The MC gets into a squad and is excited but then learns that what their placement in that squad means is that they kind of suck. There is some inertial squabbling in the squad before the MC and his new teammates start to get along. The MC is then sent on an important mission with his squad. This mission takes them to a small town that is basically under a brutal dictator. The heroes fight and eventually defeat a very powerful villain thus freeing the town.

Where BC and Naruto differ on the macro story arc structure is very much pace. Black Clover finishes that list in the number of chapters it takes Naruto to get to "MC is then sent on an important mission with his squad". In Naruto terms by the chapter Naruto gets the scroll for his first C Rank mission Asta has already defeated his "Zabuza". What's more Asta wins not by having an OP hax power and his highly skilled mentor character there to win the fight. Instead his squad uses actual teamwork and coordination to win against a foe who is objectively stronger than them on an individual basis.

TL;DR Black Clover, like MHA, takes advantage of the age and awareness of manga tropes in order to tell a fast paced story that doesn't drag out and can avoid some of the pitfalls that have plagued its predecessors. It also is aware its audience knows the topes and can therefore play with them to feel fresh again.


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Kreuzritter Kreuzritter the movie makes Mineta... "tolerable"? Sounds impossible, but let's see what they do.

Blizzardborn Blizzardborn fair, the show has plenty of disasters, but Mineta and Bakugo at a High-Profile Party? I'm counting down the minutes before King Explosion Murder blows up the punch bowl.
And yes, objectification continues to be a sticking point with an otherwise great show. Bleh.

Whiteeyes Whiteeyes yeah, poor David. I get where all might is coming from, especially since the more people who know about the secret the greater the risk of Deku being targeted for the power. But still! If anyone has the resources and ability to help out, it's Dave!

The Unshaven The Unshaven I have heard of Black Clover! Almost universally in terms of "Man, the anime of Black Clover is really bad", so I haven't really looked into it. But if you guys say the story is at least MHA-lite, and the manga itself and later seasons are good? I'll definitely check out the manga in my free time, been looking for something new to read. Thanks!

Last time: The super-exclusive sci-fi Island has been overrun by the Protagonist's classmates, all might lied to his doctor, and Kaminari continues to have crappy taste in friends. Onwards!

The gang splits up to get ready for tonight's party-
[Melissa]: "Deku. Can I show you something before you get ready for tonight?"
Aaaand the shippers go wild. Like seriously, that is a Grade-A Ship Fic line there.

Ok we'll see whatever Melissa wants to show Deku (and only Deku, saving it for after everyone split up :sneaky:), cutting to Bakugo who suprise suprise doesn't want to go to the party. "A bunch of old geezers I don't know giving speeches"? Laaaame. Now if the party were about the next Number One Hero... wait, what's Bakugo's Hero name again? I don't remember what they settled on after King Explosion Murder was shot down.

Best Bro Kirishima tries bribing him with Fancy Party Food, but nope, Bakugo didn't bring any party clothes anyway. Come on dude, this is I-Island, and Melissa said they've got all the ammenities to support the residents. Even if there isn't time to find a scientist bumming around who'd jump at the chance to demonstrate their Clothes Beam, there's gotta be a store you could at least rent something from-

[Kirishima]: "I figured you wouldn't..."

...my god, but this movie's proving to be a goldmine of ship fic fuel. Best Boy(friend) Kirishima got his bro some party duds! He's not being quite so blatant as to pull out matching outfits, but they certainly don't clash! Daw, that's sweet.

Ok, from that to a hallway- wait nevermind, I guess it's just the outside of Dave's office, where all might's put his clothes back on (not like that, he's just redressing after lying down in his underwear for Dave to examine I'M SORRY THE SHOW JUST KEEPS GIVING ME LEMONY MOMENTS SEND HELP), saying he'll see Dave later before poofing back into ALL MIGHT.

[ALL MIGHT]: "Looking foward to partying with you!"
Good grief if David says "It's a date" I'm going to combust

Phew ok it's not that outright, he just says same-

Ok, jokes about rampant Shipping Fuel aside... this movie is rocking the Concerned Old Friend role here. And with a non-manga character even!

[David]: "Toshi!"
Come on you fool, spit it out!
Aaaargh no he chickens out, just smiles and says he'll see ALL MIGHT tonight.

Aw, Dave...
Right ok so what I'm getting is that old-costume ALL MIGHT picture he was looking at earlier in the movie wasn't something he just pulled up on a whim, but is actually his phone's lockscreen.
Can you see why I ship them?!

Oh? Flashback? Flashback!
Aw sweet, David met Young ALL MIGHT when the buff blond saved him and a couple other students from a burning building-

[David]: Hmmm. I believe I've discovered something about myself today. This bears further study.

David introduces himself to his rescuer, "just a student trying to be a hero" named ALL MI

[David]: Hypothesis confirmed.
show plz

Ok so we go from those chiseled abs to- oh hey, that's the costume on David's phone! Aw, that's sweet. Even though he'd go on to create new costumes for each of ALL MIGHT's Ages, he still keeps that reminder of the very first one. Designed from "cutting-edge materials" (presumably replaced by "cuttinger-edge materials" with each subsequent version).

Shots of Young ALL MIGHT holding up a building by himself, David looking on in awe... David driving around in the Mightmobile for Young ALL MIGHT to leap out and punch Bad Guys (nabbing himself a sweet pic in the process)...

Oh hey it's the scene they showed in the episode-advertisement, where they're parked at a dock and Young ALL MIGHT is talking about his dream of becoming a Symbol of Peace...
Argh the feels
We get a shot of Happy Young Dave...

And then transition to Happy Modern David (loving the touch of having his hair and shirt still waving in the "wind" during the transition), but...


Wait. [thud]?
Oh sHIT that's right the "Tourists" are kind of a thing whoops got sidetracked by the shipping back to the Plot we go!

Some security guards are restrained in a closet (not dead, so the Tourists have limits? Whatever they're after they don't plan on killing anyone?) by a guy with a sword... oh ok he can turn his arm into a blade, got it. Wolfram orders they be kept bound but not killed (huh. Interesting, compared to our murder-happy League of Villains) and for the Tourists to start working on the security system. Alright, but we've been told that this system's on par with Tartarus. Getting onto the island is one thing, but Hacking the Island is another thing entirely... aw who am I kidding we're like a fourth of the way into the movie, I don't know how they'll do it but we're just getting started.

Ok, damn but I-Island is big. I get that it's been said before and all, but seeing two four-lane roads with dozens of cars, flanked by verdant trees and with So Many Buildings stretching off the screen is driving it home for me.

Oh right, Melissa wanted to "show Deku something". Said something is the school where she spends most of her time. She's even got her own personal research lab!
"Such a mess"? Girl, you're talking to a teenage guy. This place is pristine!
Ooh, and a nice selection of awards on a bookshelf too!

Wait, you had "terrible grades" a while back? Pffft, what're we talking about, an A-?
But whatever, she's working hard, studying to become a Pro Hero
Wait what?

[Melissa]: "Oh, no. I gave up on that dream a while ago. I mean, I'm Quirkless after all."

ooooooooooh my god. the parallel to the protagonist yes yes yES let's talk about this!
-turned five
-still didn't show a quirk
-went to a doctor
-got told was in the minority that lacked an everyday ability


argh argh the Mistake
and Deku can't say that he understands
because if he admits that he used to be Quirkless too he'd have to explain OFA
and he promised ALL MIGHT that he wouldn't wAIT
Well actually it didn't occur to him to talk about how he used to be Quirkless before meeting Nana too, so I can see that.

hold up
[Melissa]: "Hm? What do you mean?"
She's... confused about why Deku is feeling sorry for her?
Oh! Ok, phew! That's a little better.
I was comparing the two for being born Quirkless, but that's not exactly accurate.
For Deku it was terrible because his entire identity was about wanting to be a Hero, he had no other goals because he didn't think he needed them. And when the world told him he couldn't, he kept pushing and pushing until the gave in and granted him Protagonist Powers.
But Melissa isn't quite so railroaded in her desires by the Plot.
[Melissa]: "Luckily, I had another big goal that was close to my heart."

Melissa wants to be like her fa- oh hey, there are pictures of Mama Shield! I was wondering if Melissa was adopted or something (or like I was telling Tephi, when you've got a blond, blue-eyed Very Close Friend and an island of Mad Scientists that's gotta have a least one cloning tank...). Unfortunately, I don't see Mama Shield in any pictures past Baby Melissa. Damn you, Dead Anime Mom Trope!

So since David didn't have a heroic-level Quirk (so he does have a Quirk, got it), but he makes all sorts of fun toys for Uncle ALL MIGHT and other Pro Her- dawww, that little Halloween picture! So cute! Right sorry. David supports Pro Heroes with the Power of Science. It might not be as direct as the Pro Heroes, sure, but his gear is a huge force-multiplier in the Good Fight. I'm sure Deku can attest- oh right, this is before he gets his upgrades from Hatsume. Well whatever, the point still stands. Good dream, Melissa!

Ooooh, Support Item! She's got- uh oh.
Um. Ok, yes this will probably be well-suited for Deku.
But she's specifically showing him some gear she designed after watching ALL MIGHT using his Quirk.
She knows. Or at least suspects.

Alright, so it's a bracelet-
She backed completely off the screen when she told him to press the button.
Getting the biggest Shuri vibes here...

Oh sweet! It's some of that shifting tech like she used for her pogo stick, the bracelet unfurls into a wrapping covering Deku's arm from elbow to knuckles! Melissa calls it "Full Gauntlet"...
Hoo boy. That's some impressive analytical skills here. Their very fist meeting, she noticed scars on Deku's hands. And then during the Villain Course, she deduced that Deku was holding back from using his full power. But if he had some gear that would protect him from the backlash of using his Quirk to the fullest...
Sweeeet. Shame that this is a movie, so it'll end up destroyed or something to explain its absence in the show. Thanks for the gift Melissa, sorry that it's predestined to get broken!

Melissa tells Deku to take Full Gauntlet with him, on the conditions that he become a True Hero some day and that he'll never stop helping people in need. Yeah, ok. Melissa? This is Deku. I can't think of a single reason he'd fail to live up to those conditions.

Aw, this is cu-

Sorry guys, Midoriya was waylaid by a cute girl with superhero gear, you know how it is-
Oh nevermind, hardly anyone else is even here yet, Tenya's just being pedantic.
[Tenya]: "Does a proper meeting time mean nothing to you people?!"

Ochaco! Hey! You look great! Rocking that pink!
you Idiots don't you dare ruin the moment
And Momo's here with Jiro! In a surprisingly simple dress, but hey it works!
Aw Jiro, don't be embarrassed. You're still plenty punk!
Here, will jabbing the Idiots make you feel better? Have at it, those dorks just showed up in their waiter outfits!
"It was a compliment"? Kaminari... no. Just no.

Aw, it's Ochaco's first time out in formal wear, she borrowed a dress from Momo. Right, and this is after the Final Exam when Ochaco realized she had a crush. Blushes abound!

Wait, this is everyone right? Who are the guys blushing over no-
Hold up is that a blush on Jiro I see?

It is! Who-

Melissa! You look awesome!
...please ignore the Idiots.
[Jiro]: "These tickets were a mistake."

wELP. The Tourist's Hacker is doing his thing, green lights are starting to turn red. Well if we're lucky, we can get to whatever their plan is before the Idiots cause a scene at the party.

Ooh, that's a nice snack table, with a couple of Costumes standing around making small talk until a guy on stage says- uh. Alright. Hey ALL MIGHT, time for your speech-
[ALL MIGHT]: "Really, Dave? Could've warned me."
Aw jeez, a surprise speech? That's just rude.

More green lights turning red...
Oh shoot that's right, Bakugo and Kaminari! Where are they? Purposefully annoying Tenya by showing up late is one thing, but not even picking up your phones? What's the holdup?

Ok, I'm pretty sure we're just making a joke about Kirishima getting lost, but I can't help but wonder if Kirishima's gotten "lost" so Bakugo doesn't have to go to the party and they can just hang out. Alone. With noooobody else around. Insert Suggestive Comment Here.

Aaaand there goes the last of the green lights.
[ALL MIGHT]: "So, uh formal speeches aren't my thing-"
*screen behind ALL MIGHT turns Red and Evil*
[ALL MIGHT]: "Oh thank god."

There goes the I-Island Security System!
Oh shoot, a bomb was detected? Or did the system get hacked to just give that warning and cause a panic?
Hey, it's Sero and Sato! Man, who isn't on I-Island?
Tsuyu, Ashido, and Hagakure are watching the televised warning in their hotel room, Shoji and Tokoyami are heading back to their own rooms from the streets where a curfew is unfolding...
And now shutters are falling on the windows of Deku and Friends' building. Turns out the party is a lock-in!

Whoop ok now the Tourists have entered the main party room.
[Wolfram]: "In case you haven't caught on..."

At last, the Movie Villain shows his face... mask. Ok, so what's the story behind the mass of twisted metal you've put over your face?
And what's your plan for dealing with the dozens of Heroes in the room you've locked down, including ALL Freaking MIGHT?
Well ok he's got a bunch of guys with guns, and there are a lot of business suits in the room-
Oh shit.
I forgot to mention the little drones out on the streets enforcing curfew.
If Wolfram controls all of the security systems, he controls them too.
And if there's any "trouble"... he's going to reprogram them to think the Civilians are Lethal Force Authorized Criminals.
[Wolfram]: "So, I'd play nice. Because everyone on this island is my hostage."

Well shit. ALL MIGHT's awesome, but with so many hostages he can't risk-
Oh shoot more security system tricks! "Emergency Restraining Devices" in the form of glowing blue ribbons burst from the floor and wrap up the Heroes. One's even got ALL MIGHT, but before he can do more than struggle Wolfram fires a warning shot into the ceiling and threatens to kill everyone in the room if ALL MIGHT moves an inch.
...did you really just kick ALL MIGHT to the ground? Ok, there's being a Villain, and there's just being rude.

Guh. Poor David's watching, and he knows it's even worse than it looks. ALL MIGHT could totally break out of the tape if he tried, but he can't move without risking the hostages' safety, and he's rapidly running out of Muscle Form time for the day.
ALL MIGHT has no choice but to stay still and obey the Villains.

Well, you and our plucky band of students and your daughter who never made it into the main room before the lockdown activated. And the no-doubt numerous number of antisocial Mad Scientists on your island who will see a Robot Uprising as the perfect chance for various Field Trials. So yeah, might wanna figure out a way to stop Wolfram before your less-considerate neighbors decide to "help".


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Last Time: The movie kept trying to drown me in shipping fuel, Melissa gave Deku a gift that he will cherish for the next hour before Anime Canon disposes of it, and Mister Metal Face interrupted ALL MIGHT's totally prepared speech. Onwards!

Deku and Company, still outside of the party room proper, are checking their phones but of course don't have any signal, and the elevators are down too.
[Melissa]: "Strange, the island usually doesn't go on lockdown whenever explosives are discovered... what's with those looks? This is I-Island, we run Escaped Mad Science Experiment Drills every other week."

Alright Protagonist, what's the plan?

Good grief Deku, show some tact! Yes Tenya's rocking that suit, but Ochaco's right there!
Alright fine he's just saying they should go to ALL MIGHT's location in a suitably dramatic fashion, to the relief of his classmates.
[Mineta]: "Oh, thank goodness, we don't have anything to worry about, then."
Damnit Mineta! You just had to jinx it!

Oh good Melissa confirms that I-Island at least has some basic safety features like emergency stairs in the event of the elevators being down (although they're blocked off by steel shutters, so minus OSHA points there). Lead the way!

Poor Tsuyu, Ashido, and Hagakure are stuck in their room without TV or internet. Ah well. Who wants to play Uno?

Back over to the Movie Big Bad, drawling that they'll have no reason to hurt anyone as long as the hostages stay quiet. Why, they even still plan to release everyone safely "when the time is right."
Yeah, about that... what is your plan? You're certainly threatening violence, but the only shot you've fired was a warning shot into the ceiling. And you even left all the security guards alive, making a whole point about taking over the island non-lethally. Which is definitely different from the run-of-the-mill Villains like the Casino Thieves at the start, or our old friends the League of Villains.

Ok good one of the bound Heroes asks what the Villains are after-
Whoops. Ok, but to be fair, Wolfram did just tell everyone to be quiet. Boot to the head!
[Wolfram]: "Do you not know how to listen?"

Someone's phone is ringing? But I thought the signal was down- oh right Wolfram's got his own phone- oh sHIT that's right! This guy isn't the Big Bad, he's taking orders through the phone! Reporting when he got onto the island, being told where to pick up Da Goods... so maybe the question is less what Wolfram's after, and rather what his boss is after.

Hey! That's Sam, David's aide! You leave Sam alone!
Whoa David hold up- gah damn it, dude's stepping up to try and protect his assistant aaaand he's getting taken away too. Whoops.
...David, I think that Wolfram's made it pretty damn clear what'll happen if someone defies him. You really don't want to refuse, just look at the screens-
oh shit

[Wolfram]: "Then somewhere on this island..."

WELP. That's a thing.

Guh, this has got to suck for ALL MIGHT. Trussed up on stage, watching his friend get taken away by the Tourists, feeling his hour (or actually quite a bit less because this is all happening on the day they arrived on I-Island good grief) slowly tick away, and knowing that he can't break free to try and save his friend fast enough without putting all of the other hostages at risk.
[ALL MIGHT]: I have to find a way. Because I am here. The Symbol of Peace.

He notices something?
Young Midoriya! Hey! The kiddo's up on a balcony overlooking the party room with the other teenagers, backs off after confirming that ALL MIGHT's noticed him and the others. Jiro's listening- oh sweet, with her jack in place they can hear ALL MIGHT even if he whispers!

ALL MIGHT confirms that the Tourists have taken over the tower, hacked the security system and taken everyone on the island as hostages, including the partygoing Pro Heroes. So clearly his students need to escape oh shoot right this is pre-Licensing Exam. Wait actually this is in international waters, and Melissa did confirm that people could use their Quirks freely here ok good at least we won't have to worry about breaking the law.

Ah, but we do get shades of the pre-Kamino Ward debate again. Tenya says they should follow ALL MIGHT's orders to withdraw, Momo backs Tenya, Kaminari suggests escaping to find the Heroes outside (if there are any left free), but Melissa cautions that even trying to escape they'll be up against the security system (which, let's be honest, I'm not super impressed with right now lady).

So what, is the plan sit and wait until somebody else can come along to save the day? Whoop yeah there's talk about now having licenses so that's still a thing, and as much as I hate to say Mineta has a point they did manage to capture ALL MIGHT. What can half a dozen highschoolers do in the face of that, when all of the Pros are stuck?

Yyyyyup. There it is.
Are they "allowed" to work as Heroes yet? No Momo, that's not the point.
[Todoroki]: "Does that mean that it's right for us to do nothing at all?"
Ah, the good old MHA debate over being Lawful vs being Good.

Aw man. These poor teenagers, standing in a darkened stairwell, wresting with the uncertainty and fear of what to do. Who's gonna speak up next?
[Protagonist]: "I wanna help."
Aw yeah, it's not The Music (which I haven't heard since Season 2, sadface), but it is that soft guitar lead of the UA theme.
[Mineta]: "You wanna go fight those villains?! Didn't you learn anything from the USJ, Midoriya?!"

Cool we're getting even more shades of Kamino Ward, Deku saying that the plan isn't to fight the Villains if at all possible. If they can figure out a way to rescue the hostages and ALL MIGHT without facing the bad guys (like Team Incognito will do at Kamino)...
[Kaminari]: "That's easy to say, but you know it won't be that simple."
[Deku]: "I know, but I still wanna try."

Oh? Melissa's gotten an inspired look from Deku's words?
Oh hey yeah! If anyone on the island knows where the security system is, it's Melissa! And if a bunch of Tourists can hack it, then Melissa should be able to hack it back!
She explains that the security room's on the top floor of the tower, and if it's already been hacked then they should be able to basically restart it in safe mode. Stealth Mission, go!

Cool cool, people are really considering the feasibility of the plan, even Kaminari's saying it's "not bad". Mineta's a lost cause of course, but he'll tag along at least to not be left alone.
True, there's bound to be at least some Tourists defending the security room, but if they move quickly and quietly? Then the moment the security system resets, they can back off and let the Pros engage, this time without the disadvantage of a sneak attack.

Gunhead Martial Arts-trained Ochaco is in the house, let's go go go!
It was one thing to sit despondently when there doesn't seem to be anything you can realistically do.
With a valid plan on the table? It's time to go help people!

Team Deku's forming up, albeit with Tenya assigning himself the role of chaperone ("The moment I think we've gone too far, it's over."), and yeah called it Mineta's ugly-crying but like hell he's getting left on his own.
[Earnest Deku]: "Thanks, Mineta!"

...really Deku? You actually thought the plan was to leave the person who came up with the plan, knows the layout of the building, and has the technical ability to reset the security system behind?

Oh hell no Deku I know you aren't saying someone should be kept back because they don't have a Quirk!
Pfft yeah Senior Melissa's getting snippy with Freshman Deku now. What was his plan to reset security, punch it really hard?
Ok yes she won't be able to help fight when things go inevitably sideways, but "just get in the way"? Kids you need to get this expert to where she can do the most good.

Poor ALL MIGHT, starting to cough as he's still trussed up. Could this get any worse?
[ALL MIGHT]: *sees his successor chosen specifically for his courage*
[ALL MIGHT]: Oh no.
Yuuuup. He knows what that look in Deku's eyes means.
Argh the poor guy is mentally pleading for Deku to run away, get to safety...
Nope. Deku knows what ALL MIGHT is thinking.
[ALL MIGHT]: It's too dangerous!
[Deku]: But I have to do whatever I can to help.
[ALL MIGHT]: ...Young Midoriya.

Whoop ok maybe cut it with the dramatic stares, ALL MIGHT's already starting to steam and we're only halfway through the movie.
[ALL MIGHT]: I know I should be furious...

[ALL MIGHT]: If he didn't act right now, then he wouldn't be my successor.

Alright, Protagonist and his Plucky Band of Friends, let's go!


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And here's why Mineta's tolerable for me in this film, because they gave him character beats beyond season 3's "Hur, me horny". granted, it's "Panicky idiot", but its something


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Yeah, that's gotta be an inner conflict for All-Might. On the one hand, Deku's disobeying orders. On the other hand, the fact Deku is disobeying orders to try and be a hero just shows he's following All-Might's example.

"I'm so proud, but I'm still gonna ground you."


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And here's why Mineta's tolerable for me in this film, because they gave him character beats beyond season 3's "Hur, me horny". granted, it's "Panicky idiot", but its something
Admittedly its the exact same character beat as he had in season 1 on the ship, and then again during camp in season 3, but by now I've accepted Mineta isn't allowed to grow.
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