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Wonderland adventures


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I know that pre-made adventures for various systems exist that involve Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, but I can't for the life of me find any. My Google-fu is weak.

I'd like to send my players to Wonderland or through the Looking Glass for a session or two. What are some good premade adventures or sourcebooks for this?


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There was an old TSR D&D module called Dungeonland that was based on Alice in Wonderland. It was even followed up with The Land Beyond the Magic Mirror. Those might get you somewhere.


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Another vote for Wonderland No More. It's fantastic. If you're just looking for something Wonderland-inspired, you could also check out the Pathfinder module The Harrowing, which is explicitly meant to be their tribute to Alice in Wonderland and to the old Dungeonland module.


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Skirmisher has just released its full length Wonderland supplement. I have only read the first one, but it does seperate the two books (there is a Red Queen and Queen of Hearts, soldiers of cards and chess pieces, etc.) so it isn't like the Disney film.
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