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Worm Aleph: Everything Old Is Rotted Through Again...


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Since the previous thread was reaching 1000 post limits. Here's new thread(thread #4, if it matters) for discussion of Worm and related stuff.
For those who don't know, Worm is a [Web Serial Novel] story about a girl, Taylor Hebert, who has gained the power to control bugs(basically) and wants to be a superhero. Then things go awry....

Here is a link to the site. Specifically the "about" page. If you are new, I'd go to the table of contents first, as the "home" page will take you to the latest chapter IIRC.
Here is a link to the First thread.
Here is a link to the second thread.
Here is a link to the previous thread.
The wiki for it is here.
The TVTropes page is here.
Hope I did this writeright.
For why I did named it Aleph instead of Daled/Dalet/Daleth.
Well, it's complicated.
When I did the second Worm thread, Worm Bet, I called it the alternative thread. But in the Wormverse Earth Bet is the main Earth , it's Earth Aleph that's the alternative. So I screwed up then. Sorry. Since I owed Aleph a thread, I thought this would fit.
The rest of the Thread name is a reference to both 5th season episode of Angel "Shells" ('You're trying to save what's rotted through.'~ Illyria) and the saying "Everything Old is New again."

Symbolically it fits for a few reasons from Wikipedia:
Aleph is the subject of a midrash which praises its humility in not demanding to start the Bible. (In Hebrew the Bible begins with the second letter of the alphabet, Bet.) In this folktale, Aleph is rewarded by being allowed to start the Ten Commandments. (In Hebrew, the first word is אָנֹכִי, which starts with an aleph.)

Thus thread Aleph didn't start these threads. ALso, Worm is set on Earth Bet. With Earth Aleph being the first parallel world they/we found. A bit like the preCrisis Earth 1 being the earth with the Justice League(which came second in existance) and Earth 2 being the earth with the Justice Society(which predate the league).
If that makes any sense.

Aleph is also the first letter of the Hebrew word emet, which means truth. In Jewish mythology it was the letter aleph that was carved into the head of the golem which ultimately gave it life.

Golem has come to life, and we are now set to learn the great Truths of the world.

Aleph in Jewish mysticism represents the oneness of God. The letter can been seen as being composed of an upper yud (Yodh), a lower yud, and a vav (Waw (letter)) leaning on a diagonal. The upper yud represents the hidden and ineffable aspects of God while the lower yud represents God's revelation and presence in the world. The vav ("hook") connects the two realms.

Reminds me of how the Passengers might work.


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Goddamn the Contessa's power is scary, (assuming the woman in the suit was the Contessa, she's not listed in the tags :eek:) not only does she win every fight that she has any possibility of winning but she can neurolinguistically mindfrell a nutjob like Bonesaw with two phrases?

Very interested to find out what Grey Boy's horribly unfair power is.


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Bravo Contessa! You are a callous monster working for horrible, horrible people but damn that was elegant.

Jack Slash is still a contender for evilest being on Bet. Get him Riley.


Things I never expected to see: thread titles decided by gematria.


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Bravo Contessa! You are a callous monster working for horrible, horrible people but damn that was elegant.
I like to think that beneath Contessa's cool exterior she has a constant, panicked inner monologue. "Why the fuck did I saw that? Why am I speaking nonsense phrases like 'say goodbye' to Bonesaw? Why am I turning my back on this monster? Why, why, why? Stupid power tells me what to do but never tells me why. I hate it. I'm trapped. I'm just a puppet, a stupid dummy that nods my head and says whatever my Passenger tells me. I want to die."

I like to think that since Contessa is a callous monster, so I do hope she's suffering.

That said, it was pretty cool. Reminds me of the end of Superman: Red Son, where Lex Luthor defeats Superman with nothing but a note.

I also like that the Slaughterhouse 9 clones are a bunch of cludged together psyches and memories meant to approximate the behavior of the people they were cloned from. Shallow fakes, not really them. But no one is going to know or care because they're just a bunch of psychotic monsters anyway.


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There is a lot of scary information packed into that interlude. It's creepy seeing how Bonesaw is motivated and realizing it works narritevly.
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