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So, I'm not sure how many people will like this, but since I've been reading so many Worm fanfics, I decided I could do some Mini-Reviews in order to help people find fics they would like, and also generate some extra discussion about the favorite fanfics of the people of this forum. Let's get right on it!

Recommended fics here (post#89).(Link added per OP request.)

Here There Be Dragons

Summary: Taylor has Lung's power instead of her own. After discovering that Sophia Hess is Shadow Stalker, she initiates a rampage that starts to involve more and more parahumans.

Chapters Read: Dropped at 2.4.

Thoughts: The very first fanfic I read, it details a fun battle, but soon I decided that there was not much else to the story.



Summary: Taylor gets mime powers, joins the Undersiders.

Chapters Read: Caught up at Interlude 10b.

Thoughts: Don't let the short summary fool you, this is one of my favorite Worm fanfics, and one of the most famous, if the amount of references to it in other fanfics is any indication. The changes may not seem like much in the beginning, but they add up to a brighter picture. This is a classic "lighter" fanfic, with a lot of romance and cuteness, but also battles and other fun stuff.


Starry Eyes

Summary: Taylor gets lovecraftian powers. To be exact, the inside of her body becomes a portal to a kind of dungeon dimension for lovecraftian creatures, she gets the ability to communicate and to not be driven mad by them, and she also gets the ability to control parts of them that stick out of her portal into the normal world.

Chapters Read: Caught up at 2-6.

Crossover Elements: Soft. The lovecraftian monsters and elements are pretty much contained in Taylor herself. There is no need to understand the Lovecraft Mythos in order to enjoy the story.

Thoughts: A surprisingly cute story, with somewhat dark undertones. There's a lot of fun to be had with Taylor making friends with monsters and creeping out everyone she meets.


Hope Comes to Brockton Bay

Summary: An OC from a different universe ends up in Brockton Bay soon after Leviathan's attack. Her name is Hope, and while she has a very respectable array of powers, it's her niceness that makes her truly someone to watch.

Chapters Read: Caught up at chapter 120.

Thoughts: It's a shameless fix-fic with some very "fanficky" elements. It is also incredibly fun and light. If you want to watch things get better, you could do a lot worse than this fic.



Summary: Taylor is a tinker. Her main specialty is creating robots with powerful abilities that become even more effective while fighting as a team. With her Clockwork Corps, Taylor becomes an independent hero.

Chapters Read: Caught up at Piston 9.2.

Thoughts: This one hits the ground running. A lot of it is composed of awesome battles, but the Clockworks all have really fun personalities that play off one another well, their interactions bring a lot of life into the story.


Shy Girl

Summary: Taylor becomes the Boss of the Shy Guys, Bob-Ombs, Ghosts, Chain Chomps and Bullet Bills from the Mario series. She ends up becoming an independent hero/bounty hunter.

Chapter Read: Caught up at 3.2.

Crossover Elements: Hard. The Nintendo multiverse actually starts to influence the events of Earth Bet. However, there is no need to know much about it in order to enjoy the story.

Thoughts: It's fun to see an unhinged Taylor, and the crossover elements make this fic fairly unique. This Taylor has an interesting ability, and it's cool seeing how it develops.

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I second this motion. More please :D

You read Weaver Nine or Carnage yet?
No to both of them. This is the first I heard of Carnage, in fact. I'll take a look.

Now, since this seems to have an audience, and I can't get back to sleep, let's keep going!


Summary: After gaining her powers, Taylor creates her own "gang" of artists and free thinkers. Her powers are based around creating monsters that can be stored in cans of paint or tattoos and used by normal people. They try to stay out of the gang wars for a while, but soon they have to fight for their own beliefs.

Chapters Read: Caught up at Sonata 7.

Crossover Elements: Soft. Taylor's powers and the messages of the story are the only connection with The World Ends With You so far. No need to have played the game.

Thoughts: It's rare to see such a confident Taylor. The side characters also get their time to shine, and they are great in their own right. However, the main draw of the fanfic is to see the influence of the Reapers philosophy in Brockton Bay.



Summary: Danny gains powers as a Tinker, or at least that's what it seems. He tries to hide his powers but soon finds himself working for Coil. Now, with the help of Tattletale, he will have to try and protect his way of life.

Chapters Read: Caught up at 2.06.

Thoughts: In the middle of so many Tinker fics, this Danny doesn't have the chance to prepare himself well before he is thrust into the ring, so this provides a refreshing vision of what it's like to be a Tinker, their sucesses and failures, and all the work they need to do in order to become effective. It also shows a lot of Danny's daily life, especially how much it is changed by the events of the story.


Goblin Queen

Summary: In addition to her canon powers, Taylor gets an unshaped Raksha, a being of narrative, in her head. This gives her a lot of power, but also changes a lot of her personality.

Chapters Read: Caught up at 14.2.

Crossover Elements: Hard. There are other Raksha and similars in Brockton Bay, and they actually influence the story significantly, just to start. Having a knowledge of Exalted is not an strict necessity, but it would help.

Thoughts: This fanfic is weird. It is a good weird though. Taylor's condition irrevocably alters the storyline and leads it to some rather new places. There is also a lot of metafictional shenanigans, great character interaction and really weird plot points like Jack being a Solar and Shadow Stalker becoming a good person.



Summary: Taylor becomes a vampire. Bad news, she has been buried. Good news, she can survive it. After digging herself out of the earth, Taylor finds Tattletale, who helps her. Then Taylor starts to notice that she isn't a normal vampire.

Chapters Read: Caught up at 1.6.

Thoughts: For a fanfic that literary starts with Taylor having to dig herself out of her own grave, this story is actually really adorable. The relationship of Taylor with Lisa really steals the show.


A Fate Woven in Steel

Summary: Taylor triggers as a Tinker with the knowledge of Doctor Light and Doctor Wily. Thinking that normal people could never be true heroes, she decides to create a robot to be the greatest hero of all.

Chapters Read: Caught up at 3.3.

Crossover Elements: Hard. Elements from the comic book series promise to interfere with the plot. There is no need to know anything about Megaman to read this, however.

Thoughts: Similar to Clockwork in which Taylor has a team of intelligent robots and is independent, this story has a slower progression, with few robots and smaller battles at first. The robots still have really strong personalities, but there is a lot less enphasis in teamwork. Both stories are good, but they have different "feels".


Dire Worm

Summary: Another Worm OC story. This time the character is Dire, a hammy Tinker from a more super-heroic universe with visionary villain aspirations. She drops on Brockton Bay in the middle of the Undersiders fight with Bakuda and ends up allying with them, but mostly does her own thing.

Chapters Read: Caught up at 4.4.

Thoughts: Dire is awesome. She is one of those villains with both standards and style, and it's a joy to read her adventures. She is also an adult, which makes this story different from the usual teenager led plot.


That seems enough for now. But one last thing, Shy Girl finally updated again, exactly the day after I posted the Mini-Review. Coincidence? I hope not, there is a reason why I put Tombstones on this one.
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Oh boy oh boy, have I got fanfics for you! A couple of these are quests, but no less awesome for all that.

Exalted crossovers: Given the similarity between trigger events and Exaltation, they're crossed over surprisingly often.

Alchemical Solutions - Taylor comes down with a minor case of death. But it's okay! A planetary machine god gave her a new body and enough powers for three capes. Now all she has to do is save the god who exalted her while simultaneously dealing with Endbringers. No pressure. (A primer on the Exalted setting and Taylor's powers is supplied.)

Conquest Quest - Taylor's Exaltation by the Unconquered Sun is a mixed blessing. Sure, she's canonically more awesome than anyone else, but there's that blasted curse...

Zenith - The Zeniths of the Solar Exalted were the leaders of the golden First Age. Khepri saved the world at great personal cost. What happens when this broken girl is given the power and ability to redress her mistakes?

Other crossovers

Meh, I can take them all - Simon Tama has always wanted to be a hero. So has Taylor. Simon Tama, however, has trained rather harder than Taylor. One-punch Man crossover.

Worm d20 - Worm as an account of a tabletop RPG, with Taylor as That Girl. You know the one, the type that shoots the king, grabs the loot and creeps out the other players.
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Thoughts: The very first fanfic I read, it details a fun battle, but soon I decided that there was not much else to the story.
This is true. There's just a one-chapter epilogue after the fight ends.


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Gonna be following this thread with interest. :)

I'll echo the recommendations for Conquest Quest (the first "quest" I ever participated in) and Alchemical Solutions.

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Thanks for the positive review on Dire Worm! Also thanks for providing links to the stories... I grabbed some to read later. :D

I swear, I've yet to hit a horrible read on Worm fanfic. It tends to draw good writers...


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Thanks for the positive review on Dire Worm! Also thanks for providing links to the stories... I grabbed some to read later. :D

I swear, I've yet to hit a horrible read on Worm fanfic. It tends to draw good writers...
You're welcome. Thanks for the story. And I have seen bad Worm fanfics, but there's some I don't like because of my preferences.

Already read all of them, except Conquest Quest. I just never felt like reading it. Someday I probably will. But first, let's get the next round of reviews out!

Alchemical Solutions

Summary: Taylor becomes an Alchemical Exalted and joins the Wards. Also, she has a little trinket called Eye of Autochton.

Chapters Read: Up until 5.4. Waiting to get into the mood of reading again.

Crossover Elements: Medium. There's of course Exalted Taylor and the mentioned Eye of Autochton, but the plot is more involved in the reaction to these elements instead of the elements themselves. A little Exalted knowledge would help, but the Thread provides.

Thoughts: This is one of those stories that keeps upping the ante and introducing new twists and turns to the plot. However, it does this in a natural way, and becomes one of the best stories of the type as a result.



Summary: Taylor gets a transference to Arcadia after the locker, and ends up meeting Panacea and helping catch the Undersiders in the bank robbery, as well as learning that the Marquis is Panacea's father. Taylor and Amy end up becoming a duo of independent heroes. Also, this story is from the POV of Panacea.

Chapters Read: Caught up at 2.5.

Thoughts: A look at a more calm and fun Taylor. It's funny to see how other people may see Taylor, and the friendship of the two is great.


A Cloudy Path

Summary: Taylor triggers as a Tinker with the knowledge to create Aeon technology from the Supreme Commander series. Good news? This is very powerful. Bad news? This may be too powerful, especially considering that she can easily create self-replicating troops.

Chapters Read: Caught up at 5.5. (Unless the author posts another chapter today, which he might, considering his speed.)

Crossover Elements: Soft. Taylor is pretty much just a particularly dangerous Tinker. But there are hints that she may have gotten something more than knowledge from the Aeon. No need to have played the game.

Thoughts: This is a more insecure Taylor, which makes an interesting contrast with her overpowered technology. The story is also fairly serious, and many things end up going different from what you would expect.


Wail of the Banshee

Summary: Taylor gets access to a Banshee suit of Warframe armor, and joins the Wards. However, people from the Warframe universe have also come to Earth Bet.

Chapters Read: Caught up at 6.5. (Yes, I've already read today's chapter.)

Crossover Elements: Hard. Not only is there a scientist from Warframe causing problems in Earth Bet, he's also being watched by more Warframe people. However, a knowledge of Warframe is not needed.

Thoughts: This is one of those stories where the interaction between Taylor and her friends is as important as the plots and battles. Just a good fanfic all around.


Worm d20

Summary: What if all of Worm was an RPG played by a group of friends? This story shows what that would be like.

Chapters Read: Caught up at chapter 13.

Thoughts: This fanfic is hilarious. It's fun to see how similar some of the players are to their characters, and how different others are. Taylor herself steals the show.


Heir Apparent

Summary: During the summer after her mother's death, Taylor finds a seed that makes her a Zerg hive queen. Now she has to try and deal with the consequences of accepting that power.

Chapters Read: Caught up at 1.5.

Crossover Elements: Soft. There doesn't seem to be any other Starcraft beings on Earth Bet. And the story is understandable even for people with no knowledge of the game.

Thoughts: This story is interesting in a number of ways. Besides the fact that she has powers earlier than in canon, most of the conflict in this story comes from Taylor's powers. Having to hide her bases, having to deal with having to "change" in order to become more powerful and etc. This story is still in the beginning, but it has promise.


And that's it for now. See you tomorrow.


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I wonder why no one made a comment...


Summary: Instead of the Undersiders, Taylor is saved from Lung by an age-adjusted Renegade Engineer Shepard from the Mass Effect series. The two become a team.

Chapters Read: Caught up at 4.2.

Crossover Elements: Soft, so far. Only Shepard himself. There's no need to know about Mass Effect either.

Thoughts: Another fanfic where Taylor's relationship with her partner is the highlight. The two are great together, and Shepard helps Taylor realize her potential faster than in canon.



Summary: Taylor triggers with the power to create portals and a deep desire to do experiments. After joining the Wards, she realizes that she is a Tinker with the specialty of Aperture Science.

Chapters Read: Caught up at 3.2.

Crossover Elements: Soft. Only Taylor's powers and personality. No need to have played Portal to understand.

Thoughts: A comedy focused fic, Enrichment derives most of it's humor from Taylor's new personality, especially the mishaps with her experiments. It's on hiatus now, but has some great scenes.


Memories of Iron

Summary: Taylor receives the memories and intelligence of an Alternate Tony Stark. She decides to use her new abilities to save the world.

Chapters Read: Caught up at chapter 18.

Crossover Elements: Soft. There is no need to know about Iron Man in order to understand this story.

Thoughts: Different from what you might expect, Taylor doesn't go immediately to try and fight crime as Iron Man. Instead, most of the story details her maneuverings, trying to get resources and knowledge, as well as trying to deal with having Tony Stark's memories, which doesn't really help her mental stability.


Mother of Vengeance

Summary: Taylor kills a D&D monster and becomes one. She has no secret identity, but enters the Wards. However, there are more where that came from, and soon the D&D demons make peaceful contact with Earth Bet.

Chapters Read: Caught up at 3.4.

Crossover Elements: Hard. The effects of the demon contact soon take over the plot. Having a knowledge of D&D would help, but it is not exactly required.

Thoughts: One of the fanfics where the political side of things is even more important than the battles. The shock of civilizations is very interesting.



Summary: Taylor finds Lisa and ends up triggering earlier than in canon, with a bud of her shard. With a combination Thinker/Trump power, she joins the Wards.

Chapters Read: Caught up at 2.8.

Thoughts: One of those stories where Taylor becomes friends with the Wards, Liaison has the added point of Taylor having a power that is extremely good at rooting out spies and similar. It's very promising.


The Endbringer

Summary: Taylor becomes a Final Fantasy style White Mage and decides to join New Wave.

Chapters Read: Caught up at chapter 7.

Crossover Elements: Soft. It's just that Taylor's power doesn't work like a parahuman ability.

Thoughts: That's one of those fanfics where Taylor has a really powerful power, but from the other direction. White Mage abilities may not seem like much, but they can do things that no parahuman power can. Taylor's friendship with Panacea is also a highlight.


That's enough for today. Until next time!
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