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Worm Tav:And It All Went Wrong!


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Y'know, I was thinking casting again, and I figure Dragon's voice/meatbody being portrayed by a Canadian actress is non-negotiable. Jewel Staite? Grace Park, maybe? I think Lee Tergesen would make a good Defiant, and Christopher Meloni could be Saint. Why? Oh, no reason, I think they'd be good together, lot's of chemistry, y'know?1

Or, maybe JK Simmons as Saint, if only for the sake of this.


2. Somebody better get this or I swear to Christ.

I don't think he has Contessa on staff. I think he pointed Contessa at Khepri, did as he was told at the crisis point in furtherance of the goal Taylor lets everyone go and leaves, and then got the hell away from her attention while she went to have the final conversation. She has no reason to trust him and he doesn't want to be on her to do list.
I think they're going to be associated, with Contessa working with Teacher when it suits her. Because I don't buy that her spirit's going to soar and she's going to stop being a meddling sociopath.

Also, on reflection, is it just me or does Taylor end up having a more stereotypically A.I. like personality than Dragon? She jumps to the most efficient option in dealing with major problems, no matter how brutal it seems, she's goal oriented to the point of self-destructiveness, hell she even has less of a sex drive.
Well, the stereotypes about AIs probably has more to do with goal focused, logic driven introverts then actual AIs if they're not just logic machines with monomaniacal goals. For myself I figure that a real life AI would act more like the ones in Portal. As in, they'd be really weird.

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Spotted a minor continuity error while rereading.

Tattletale said:
She disappeared from the middle school near Arcadia the same day we robbed the bank. Obviously, Coil wanted to ensure the Wards weren’t close enough to interfere, probably why he was so keen on us doing the bank job, after I suggested it. I made the connection, after. I just didn’t think – Nothing he said or did led me to think it would be a serious kidnapping.”
Weld said:
“Thursday, April fourteenth of this year, Dinah Alcott was kidnapped from her home and has not been seen since. Dinah had missed several weeks of classes with crippling headaches in the months before her disappearance. Investigation found no clear medical causes. Police interviewed her friends. She had confided to them that she thought she could see the future, but doing so hurt her.”


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Or that could be unreliable narrators?
Tattletale isn't perfect, and neither are newscasters...
...though it's probably just a writers error.


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So, in terms of hilariously appropriate quotes for use in a theatrical trailer..

Plague 12.4 said:
“No, there’s always going to be consequences. Believe me when I say I know about that. But I do think there’s always going to be extenuating circumstances, where a lot of things we normally assume are wrong become excusable.”
Anyways, reading through again I'm kind of struck how easy it is to ship so many combinations of characters, given the relatively minor role romance actually plays. (This brought on by the half-serious comments about Taylor building a harem from when she recruited Charlotte and Sierra)


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Rachel seems to have gotten more educated, in the way she thinks and speaks. Still kind of feral, but less so.

Biter is great. This chapter alone makes him one of my favourites. Surprised to hear he's sleeping with Rachel, though.

Miss Militia seems to be getting stronger and stronger. First a nuke (or at least a really big bomb), now a Tinker-mortar...

Trigger thing is really worrying. Those safeguards were important.


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Huh, looks like Zion's death is having some unfourtunate knock-on effects.

I wounder if Miss Militia getting stronger actually is down to the same root cause as the self-destructive triggers? Without Zion the limiters on the shards are starting to come off. Probably not a good thing, given humanities relatively precarious position.

Something that struck considering the Miss Militia is quite possibly almost entirely out of contact with the Wardens, I feel really sorry for whatever sod has to come up with a system of cartography for the brace new world.

And now I really want to know what Tattletale is doing.

Oh, also, has Cassie ever appeared before? She's not ringing any bells.


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"Mr. Accord. We have fifty million people whom we want to make sure survive the winter, in order to become a workforce to properly start rebuilding farming settlements in the spring. We have 97 Tinker-class parahumans, as well as a number of organisational Thinkers, Movers and Masters, all of whom we are prepared to attach to your plan. Their dossiers are attached. Please, have this bank of computers and this briefcase full of very fine writing implements and quality note paper."
Accord, thinking: That fool just pronounced "fifty" as "fiddy."

On Taylor: I always thought, while the Khepri thing was happening, that she was basically bootstrapping herself into being as much of an intact worm as she could manage, in order to fight the Scion entity on as close to its level as she could. Her thoughts during the period where she is unable to recognize the celebration around her struck me as being similar to the thoughts of the worm entities while they were still stuck on their home planet: Threats. Response. Attack. Kill.

Latest chapter: Rachel, I am so fucking proud of you. My feels, guys. Alls of them. My god. No joke, I teared up a little, thinking of how far she's come.
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