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I think the worst I ever saw was in MERP, it was a level 3 mentalist who had a greater phobia of elves, meaning he would pass out for 1D10 hours ever time he saw an elf, and there were 3 in his adventuring party, all of which had to cast spells to make them look like humans, to make a long story short he ended up killing all the elves so that his character could do something besides sleep, it was hilarious when a group of giants were sleeping in there castle and he passed out trying to escape.


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In D&D anthing to do with the City of the Gods module, or that flying city with the bi-planes (can't remember the name off something like Sarine or close to that)...

I have some horror stories with GMs and players that overabused their technology... And it really sucked =)



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Once, I co-GMed a Sailor Moon IRCRPG. Because we were short on players, the other GM set up an automated appllication form on the website so he could sift through the dross for good players. The game died because I was the only GM who was at all reliable, but I did meet some of my player network through it.

But oh, the nonsense that came through that form... It was definitely laugh-worthy at times, and at other times just plain appauling. I think some people didn't even realize it was an application for an RPG, but instead thought it was some kind of membership form for some kind of club that just happened to ask for an imaginary avatar. Despite the questions about RP preferences designed to expose lamers.

There's one entry that sticks out in my mind, though. The form wasn't even entirely filled out, and the places that were filled out just said "dead guy". Except, of course, the place where you're supposed to describe your character in full -- that part said "dead guy in jail."

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I once had a player who insisted on being the equivilant of a Glitter Boy, but kept trying to make the character stealthy.

"What do you mean I can't sneak up on him? I've been spending all my points into stealth skills!"

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Oh I've some horrific ones in my time. I think I've blocked most of them out by now. The most insidious ones would take too long to explain. Boring to boot.


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Oh I have one.

The players were told to make low-lifes. I was a sort of necromancer mage. My bud was a ruffian warrior.

And he ... he was a mage--who could summon animals. And one of the ones he was best at was ... sheep ... and he ... he made a living ... well ... he "sold" the sheep.

But not like, for being fleeced ... nor for being eaten ...

Umm ... it was the worst I've ever seen.



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Johnny the Homocidal Maniac in BESM. Ewww... I thought he could actually pull it off. I was so wrong, it took until the Exalted game this semester for me to become confidant in my GM abilities again. He just made the game alot less enjoyable for everyone else, who were actually pretty happy from what I found out later on with their oddball Console RPG/Anime characters.

When I started Vampire, the same player wanted to play (a) A half-middle east, half-japanese ninja with assassin skills who was ex-military and was currently a hitman looking for his sister and then (b) Ron Jeremy. No, like actually play Ron Jeremy with the name and all. In a Vampire game. I almost agreed to it.

Now he's playing a Winston Wolf carbon copy (remember, the problem-solver in Pulp Fiction?) copy as a Ventrue. Not too bad, although he's the sort that really loves the political aspect of the game, which isn't really what I wanted to focus on.

The odd thing is that he's a rather good DnD DM. But he can't think up an original character concept that isn't horribly cliched for his life, when it comes to games set in the modern times. And even when he does steal, he refuses to change any detail about the character he's copying, not even the name...


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Picture this.. Call of Cthulhu game set in Germany and France in 1942. A tense game of subterfuge, where in addition to the usual CoC worries (going completely utterly f..ing mad and all), they had to play the role of allied spies/infiltrators, with all the bullet in the back of the brain worries that would ensue. *sigh* 5 players sent home to make characters after a long discussion about what sort of campaign we'd run.. 5 come back with characters.. 1 German scientist, , 1 French ancient historian/linguist, 1 german Priest, one allied spy in the guise of a gestapo official.. and one bloody dwarf warrior... with a thick scottish accent, who had been living in a secret set of tunnels with his clan in the sewers of Paris..

The player was serious, and drugs were not involved. We had a long talk with him... it was.. interesting.

Apparently that was HIS character
He played the same character in every RPG he ever played, and he has been playing RPGs for 20 years.

He stormed out.

This hobby attracts some odd folk.
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