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Got two pretty good ones from the same dude who I played Shadowrun with this past year.

The first was Winston, a rigger who seemed to be convinced that he was a Victorian gentleman. As well as functional useful drones, Winston also had Jeeves, a rotodrone which made and served tea instead of having a weapon.
"Worst" my ass, this is awesome.


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A good number of these character concepts are actually quite awesome.

Honestly, I think we have all seen Lesbian Stripper Ninja, and if that's the worst you've had to deal with then you are pretty blessed.


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The mention of the telepathic housecat reminds me of my 'Superhero' who was a riff on Salem (from Sabrina).

(for some reason I really liked the idea of someone who was grumpy about being stuck as a talking cat... enough to submit it to two different games/GM's)

Occasional Lass (not actual name) was amusing. (Telepathic Superheroine... who spontaneously ceases to exist at random intervals [whenever the player had to leave]. Only lasted a session or two).


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Most of the "worst concepts" I've had to deal with were actualy pretty decent, just lacking in execution. The following are just a few examples:

1)The assassin obsessed with becoming famous and thus leaving a calling card on every crime scene. The player just wasn't very good at the whole assassination thing. He got the merciless and unscruppled part right(I've had very few players beside him kill defenceless children), but the stealthier and trickier parts of the trade seemed to evade him, so his career was rather short. The first clue should have been the player didn't realise his character's obsession and infamy were actually drawbacks, especialy for a person with a criminal career.
2)The deadly warrioress... I suspect the player just wasn't up to the task of being ruthlessly efficient and didn't grasp some of the intricacies of the combat system(or just didn't have a war-like mindset - because the character was a combat monster, stat-wise), so even trivial adversaries bested her through dirty fighting.
3)Erm, thing.... Alright, I can understand not wanting to pick up some sort of background or archtype, I've felt the same. But at least go something with it! Do something noble, or something vile, pick up basket-weaving, or at least a broken combat ability! Anything to make your player character at least as detailed as the average NPCs I'm holding in my notebook.

I'm somewhat sorry that there have never been lesbian stripper ninjas in my game. They sound like fun.:eek:


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In a Vampire game I had this player who wanted to be a Lassombra televangelist. And that was before numeric cameras... She was really angry when I told her no and she came with another concept. And it was even worst... but I will spare you that one.
When i first heard obout vampire, i had the idea for a malkavian late night radio preacher.(completely deranged,but in a appropriate way always mentioning the blood of jesus.)


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"Ok I am an English professor who is Fluent in Ancient Greek, Arabic and Latin and a Black belt in bothe Judo and Ninjitsu and habitually carries a sawn off shotgun in the inside pocket of my long coat. "

In Call of Cthulhu 1920's.

(He tried to "Judo" a Bhyakee it didn't go according to plan)

I think however it was a bit of a disconnect between the idea of Horror game and the reality of what that means in CoC


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Heh, I had a Harvard American History professor PC in an 1890s CoC game who, by campaign's end, never went anywhere without his sawn off double-barreled shotgun, including lectures that he gave.

He tried to hide it with a bulky jacket, and retired from Harvard after Boston burned down.


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My nephew (he's only 14, and he'll grow out of it, thank god!) created this guy for our M&M game last weekend:

PL 10
Powers : Super Speed +10 (with all stunts and extras)
Feats : Extra Limbs, Amphibious, Transformation
Skills : Taunt +11, Nothing Else
Abilities : Int 20, all others slightly above average

Origin: One day while feeding the animals at Marine Land, Robert Jones fell into an irradiated squid tank! These gentle creatures of the depths bonded with him, lending him their incredible abilities. Deciding to use his scathing wit and new abilities for Good, he became....

I hate to tell you this but this is the single most brilliant superhero concept I've heard today.

Make him French Canadian and the brilliance will blind me for life!


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So far concepts seem to be:

1) Disgustingly Overpowered: Ninja Magician Half-Godling Genetically Engineered Reality Warping Mutant Psychic Saviour to all Man Kind.

2) Pathetically Underpowered: The Amazing Blind Deaf Mute Quadriplegic with Down's Syndrome and Lung Cancer.

3.) Grossly Inappropriate for Setting: Ninjas in Medieval France

4.) Grossly Inappropriate for Mood: Serial Killer in Four Color Hero Game

5.) Blatantly Offensive: Satanic Neonazi Child Molestor

6.) Blatant Rip-Off: Wolverine/Vash/Alucard/Neo/V/Take Your Pick

7.) Incomprehensibly Weird: Telepathic Half Cyborg Space Walrus with Phobia of Easter Eggs

8.) Deep Incongruity: Professor Shoot-Em-Up

9.) So Original: Lesbian Stripper Ninja

10.) Simply Too Awesome For Their Time. :D


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I see nothing wrong with Squid-Man, and hope to play the Rosemary's Baby style character in a horror game if I ever get a decent chance.
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