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[WotC] D&D Fortune Cards


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I guess you don't really pay attention. The Encounters program has been a huge boon to game stores, as it brings in new customers in addition to the same old Joes that sit around discussing whether Drizzt could beat up Batman.
Man, Batman would kick Drizzt's ass.


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So people will have a reason to put the game on hold while they fuck with their phones and laptops for several times each session?

That's a great idea!
Or hey! They do it when it isn't their turn and are waiting with nothing else to do.

Seriously, we use a great deal of technology at our table - one player uses Heroforge entirely forgoing a paper sheet, because he can click a box to apply conditions/modifiers and not have to worry about the math, and 2 GMs run entirely from laptops.

Game hasn't slowed down one iota because of it. The game grinds to a halt more often over rules arguments and sports/media side discussions and general bullshitting. The computers have actually helped us speed up rules arguments and resolve them faster.

If players are mature and responsible, tech shouldn't interfere. Heck, one of our game nights is always on Hockey Night in Canada or another major NHL game night. I have told the guys if they do not want to allow me to have the TV on muted in the background, I will have to miss the odd gaming night because I have to choose between my love of hockey and my love of gaming. Hasn't been a disruption - yeah, the game sometimes halts during a fight or to watch a sweet replay, but that amounts to a few seconds, and others keep going, or thats a good time for a potty break.

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