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[WotC] D&D Fortune Cards


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Reminds me how i nearly made a monopoly style chance deck of cards for use in our games.

Players would have chance points, much like action points. At any time during the play they could activate it and draw a card. Getting a random benefit or loss. The numbers weren't extreme except for two cards. Mostly just + or - 2 to a roll or something similar. Kept generic to avoid uselessness.

The two majors would pretty much ensure a loss or win depending on the card. Was going to be definite crit or definite loss, or possibly just + or - 40.

I was the GM and put it to a group vote. It was shut down 3-2, my vote made it even but i abstained.

Still, could be fun if wotc made a deck that had negatives in it too.

"Your attempted access to the power of chance has left you with cursed dice in your hand, the only way to release them is roll them and have that many turns stunned or something."

For the rest of the encounter, you have to play with dice in one hand, making you effectively 1 armed or something.

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I much prefer Paizo's Plot Twist cards. They are a non-collectible 51 card deck that allows you to influence the story and introduce plot twists. These WotC collectible cards just seem like tactical bonuses with no plot or story reasoning or modification. It's like the difference between Adventures' Dramatic Editing and a power up card that lets you reroll a save or some other little benefit.


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Not like I'm in the know but it seems like WOTC is trying to bolster brick and mortar transactions. Counter-piracy talk aside, they seem to believe LGSs are useful in promoting the game and don't want to undercut them (e.g., Wednesday Night Encounters, no digital stuff).

It reminds me very much of Hasbro (or Parker Brothers?) Family Game Night commercial gig that used to be in commercials.
And yet the DDI is a direct kick in the nuts to that no?


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Wondering if more CCG is on the way beyond Fortune Cards?
Not CCG style, but if I remember correctly, one of the things they previewed for the year at Gen Con was a boxed adventure that would include a "Deck of Many Things" deck of cards.

Edit: As a side note, I find it funny that the Get a Grip card reminds me how some of the players in my current game group act when making a heal check to give a player a saving throw.
"Combat's over, but we're still in rounds because Player A has ongoing acid damage. Player B, your turn."
"Move to Player A, slap him across the face and yell 'Snap out of it'. 16 on the heal check."
"Player A, make a save."
"11. I saved. Thanks."
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This reminds me of the Savage World adventure deck, and I'd probably use them the same way.

Strip out action points and instead whenever a player is supposed to get an AP, they draw from the deck.

They can discard a card to use as a standard Action Point, or they can play it for the benny but not AP.

Having said that, yeah, no sale.
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On Gamma World tangent,

For the upstream references to GW cards, because it has to be said again: the base game comes with enough cards to play w/o every buying a single booster.
Yes, this is very true, but the method was clearly parceled out poorly on purpose to generate and encourage sales like how some video games now have pricey day one downloadable content that should have been on the disc in the first place, like a few weapons, costumes or an extra mode that is base standard for that particular genre.

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The game is playable at the base set, but it feels hobbled especially after paying $40 for the package with cards of poor quality, no art and told you have to hunt down random sets to get the remaining 120 cards if you wish to expand and reward the creators for their work.
It's not that I don't mind expansion sets. I bought plenty of splat books for all my favorite games, I just find it insulting they ransomed 60% of one of the game's big features and did so at a high price.

If they offered a "collector's set" with one of every card at around 15-25, I and many others who scoffed at this tactic really wouldn't be complaining. But if you're happy with that, then more power to you.

Fortune cards are not a big focal point for D&D, so I just see it as a "nice thing for people if they really want that and their GM is fine with it." GW's base game was playable with the set it came with, but D&D is especially playable without any fortune cards.


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WOTC, if you're listening, I would gladly buy boosters that could build a deck of random combat events, where one card is pulled at the start of every combat and lasts the duration of the combat. The deck could be built from player (boon) and GM (calamity) cards.

Last thing my group needs is more twiddlers to look over every round. Sheesh, please nooooooo! :)
I would gladly buy that if it came in a full boxed set. That and its many expansion boxes.


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And yet the DDI is a direct kick in the nuts to that no?
You lost me on that one. Other than a character builder, some less than stellar on-line mag articles (in general IMHO) and a monster builder that doesn't work, I'm not getting how DDI undercuts.


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Snipped comments about GW...
Wirebrain, More power to you, too :) Definitely don't want to turn this into a GW booster pack debate.

On topic, something I kind of like about CCG-esque game supplement junk is its very randomness (hopefully get something cool) and it helps folks who may not have $20 to plunk down to buy something besides dice and snacks/soda at the LGS.
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