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WotC killing the OGL would be suicide


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In reply to Hasbro killing the OGL...

I'm not expert, but I would be surprised if they kill it outright. They may require a cut of the profits, they may be more restrictive about what kind of games can be made, but it would be suicide to kill the OGL. All the publishers currently publishing OGL content would continue to publish OGL content, and the fanbase would continue playing OGL games and everyone would ignore D&D4.

What I think they might be doing is holding off on publishing the OGL until the minute D&D4e ships, and in so doing making WotC supplements the only supplements availiable at launch.

Even so... if it seems that WotC IS killing the OGL for D&D4e, it would be cool if all the other RPG publishers got together and published an OGL RPG that achieves the D&D4e design goals in an independant way. Then they collectively support THAT ruleset to the exclussion of D&D4e. I wonder what WotC would do then.

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Keep in mind, the OGL is not dead. The D20 STL is expiring this year. Most of the biggest advancements to the D20 System occurred in OGL games. The OGL is still alive. For those that want to support 4E they have the GSL.

Edit: Why do you think the GSL has killed the OGL? You can still support 4E by avoiding any license & simply not challenge their copyrights.

Also, why does a company need to create a license for 3rd party publishers? Sure we've seen this through the history of our hobby, but lets not pretend that before 2000 it was the most common thing in the world. And the deluge of poor OGL and D20 products caused that market after 2000 to falter. The icing on the cake was 3.5.
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The reason you have to now create a license was the Palladium-Wizards lawsuit that almost killed Magic, and Wizards of the Coast forever. Now it just isn't safe to ever do that. Not that people don't.

I think anyone who attempts to support 4e without using the GSL is going to get sued because there is a license available.

Also, while older versions of D&D and new RPGs can use the OGL, 4e can not. As we have seen time and again, everyone wants the new stuff.


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I wonder if the title was deliberately chosen to be ironic, or if it just seems that was from the context.
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