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💀 Necro Wow: a GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Boxset!


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Hm.. how about testing the waters with a set of PDFs in the style of Dungeon Fantasy, Monster Hunters, Action, etc?
The issue there is the level of work involved. We learned from the Dungeon Fantasy box set that translating PDFs to a complete box game doesn't work as smoothly as you expect.


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Best to work with existing properties.

GURPS Triplanetary? I know Transhuman Space comes close, but I'm thinking 1950s atomic rockets with commies.

GURPS Awful Green Things From Outer Space. Would you center the stats on Snudaliens or Humans? Should this really be a Toon supplement?

GURPS Chez Geek, at long last is won't just be Phoenix Command that has rules for playing your character's character!


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Yay! :D Pledged for the print copy of Dungeon Fantasy GURPS box set (and apparently print copy of Fantasy Monsters 2 book) plus their respective pdfs! :)

I’ve been wanting to try out GURPS a long while now, and I think this box set would be a good way for me to get a grip on the GURPS mechanics as a GM/DM, so I can finally introduce the GURPS system to my fantasy and D&D-loving group. ^_^


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The Chez Geek suggestion made me wonder if a small GURPS Sitcoms PDF with advice for running humorous low-violence campaigns would be worth doing.
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