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[WoW] Post Legion expansion Speculation/Rumors/Spoilers - "Battle for Azeroth"


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I have been feeling an urge to try Classic. I don't know why.

I started playing in vanilla, but barely got anywhere before BC hit. Most of my nostalgia is TBC/WotLK era.

So why do I feel a desire to go back? (To what?)

Not prepared to drop money on it (not while I'm still paying a monthly fee for FFFXIV), but I bought a Token back in the WoD days, when my account was active. Can I activate that to get my (quasi) nostalgia fix for free?


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Yes. If you have an active WoW account you can play classic. WoW will let you activate a token from somewhere in the login process if you don't have an active account but do have a token on one of your characters.

So, Classic WoW experience from the start - loading bar stuck at 95%... World server down.

And we have a line going for the Garrick's Head quest.
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Here's a screenshot, everyone all lined up in a nice neat queue, so everyone could have their turn, no stress or drama. 'Twas very strange.


I logged on again tonight, and I'm actually enjoying it a lot. Yes, running back and forth on foot is a bit tedious, but overall everything feels more meaningful for some reason. Possibly it's because anything roughly at-level can mess you up if you don't take it serious, pulling more than one mob is a big deal, and everything takes more resources. Also, there's a bigger difference between doing everything right and screwing up (and dying), I think.

Classic might retain my interest, if I can continue to regard the journey as worthwhile in itself. If I can't, and just want to get to the end game, it won't because it'll start frustrating.
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I've been having some good ol' nostalgic fun. I *did* patronize Nost back when it was up so I did have some Vanilla-itch scratched a few years ago, but it's nice actually playing The Real Deal.

Been off and on, EU queues starting to pick up on Pyrewood(I am old and tired these days and don't do PvP servers anymore-which is a blessing here since those seem to be the most populated this time around as well.) But it's been grand revisiting everything.

Also while trying to figure out my healer alt, I totally didn't let the fact that pallies get a free mount determine what to make my dwarf. So Regrinn is a paladin even if dwarf priests are great.


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I managed to get onto Mirage Raceway as soon as it launched last night. It was lagging so badly in the undead starter area that people were teleporting around, I was getting out of range messages while hitting mobs I was standing next to, and I couldn’t really tell if I’d managed to tap anything until it died and I saw if I got quest credit. In a weird way, it sort of added to the fun.

People were generally being decent and despite the chaos I only inaugurated my ignore list with two names. We weren’t doing the queueing for quest stuff thing though. People over in Durotar were, and they were some epic lines judging by the screenshots on the realm Discord, but anarchy reigned in Tirisfal. It took me nearly two hours to hit level 5.

I expect it’ll be more playable now everyone’s not glomped up into the starter areas, but the server queues have arrived, and even at 11 PM local / midnight server time, it’s an estimated two hours to get onto the realm. I’m in no rush though — Classic is going to be about the journey, for me.


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I've been playing on Atiesh and having a lot of fun with it. There are a few minor boondoggles from 2004 that I'd forgotten, but for now they just add to the charm. If anyone wants to look me up in game, my name is the same as my handle here.
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