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[WoW] The best Horde zones and quests


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I've recently started a little hordie shaman on Earthen Ring (EU), with the aim of seeing the cool Horde-side old world quests before Cata hits. I normally play Alliance (and have Loremaster on that side), and I've never really got past 20ish Horde-side.

What zones and/or quest lines would people reccomend as being particularly good on the Horde-side, from a fun and/or lore point of view? If it helps, my answer for the Alliance would features places like Duskwood, the Sharpbeak questline in the Hinterlands etc.

Many thanks!

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Desolace is glorious. Our Hintherlands experience is pretty nice as well - My favourite NPC is the ogre whose lunchbox was stolen. IT'S SO SAD ;_;

If I ever played a pen and paper WoW game I'd want to play in the Barrens though. I just love that huge place.
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Eversong Woods and the Ghostlands (aka belf starting zones). Most quests have something to do with the main quest chain, not too many FedEx quests (omg, how I hate the running back and forth in vanilla starting zones!!!) and the areas are quite well done. (Also you get the quest item in Ghostlands, so you can listen to Sylvanas singing Lament of the Highborne)
Also I consider the blood elf paladin class quests far superior to the alliance ones (tough M'uru is not in Silvermoon anymore).

Forsaken starting zones are not that bad either, they are one of the better done vanilla starting zones.
Tirisfal+Silverpine+Hillsbrad+Alterac+Arathi have also a relatively tight questchain leading through them. Fun t level up there.

In Swamp of Sorrows, look for Fallen Hero of the Horde (an orc ghost near the enterance to Blasted Lands). He starts a long quest chain, that takes you to Blasted Lands. Nice story there.

Now when you get to outland, I strongly recommend doing the Mag'har quest chain that starts in Hellfire and later the ones in Nagrand. There are some in Blades Edge too that tie into the Mag'har lore, but they don't add that much to it.
Shadowmoon Valley with the BT quests and stuff tieing into Gul'dan's past is a must do for any lore fan too (tough I don't know if the Gul'dan quests are horde specific or can be done by both sides...)

In Northrend I recommend doing Borean Tundra. The Mist quests are really cool and because the other landing zone is quite boring.

And what would you recommend on Alliance side? I started a draenei toon so I can experience the Ally side :) So far done Azure and Bloodmyst and all Nelf quests including the ones in Ashenvale (exalted with Darnassus at lvl 31! Frostsaber mount yaaay!) and now I am into Elwynn Forest+Westfall+Duskwood+Redridge Mountains for Stormwind rep (for cheapest flying later on).


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Obviously the blood-elf zone quests are fantastic, you should definitely do those until you're finished with Ghostlands. Tooling around the Barrens can be fun for a little while, also Stonetalon, Thousand Needles, and Feralas. Silverpine Forest is very atmospheric but the quest design is horrible. We have a fair number of quests in STV from Grom'gol, which are pretty cool and heavily reinforces the idea that Trolls of differing tribes really don't like each other.

I cannot recall offhand any questlines that are especially epic or noteworthy Horde-side in the old world (barring the Onyxia chain, which is epic the first time but annoying as hell after that) but it's been a while since I've done them. As Vanger mentioned, the Forsaken-oriented questlines running from Tirisfal to Alterac Mountains are very good and have a much tighter storyline. Be warned, though; some of the Forsaken (especially the RAS) are not nice people. Extremely entertaining if you enjoy black humour, but definitely not nice.

For Outland, the Mag'har quests are awesome. Start questing in Nagrand ASAP (I think they start around 65?) and do the Greatmother quest chain when it becomes available. This is, arguably, the Horde's most epic quest arc. If you're a fan of Rexxar, he has a series of quests dealing with him and his relationship to the other Mok'nathal in Blade's Edge Mountains. There's also a quest where you get ogres drunk, but it's possible the Alliance can get that chain as well.

In Northrend, there's all sorts of great Horde quests. The Borean Tundra chain which ultimately leads you to Dragonblight and getting the Taunka to side with the Horde (huge multi-part chain). All of the quests in Howling Fjord are excellent, except the ones at New Agammand, and they segue nicely into the Forsaken outpost in Dragonblight (if you hate the Scarlet Crusade/Onslaught, you'll love these quests). Conquest Hold has a mini-series of quests and its own mini-arena event with a very satisfying ending.


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I will say the Belf starting zones are indeed some of the most solid low-level questing areas.

But I also have to say I really love Barrens leveling(especially with Vanilla races) for pure nostalgia. Sure it's big, and can get annoying, and all of that, but...yeah. Pure nostalgia here. But I imagine someone who hadn't leveled much Horde might lack the same nostalgia...so the Belf starting zones would be the best way to point.

Otherwise, I do a lot of jumping back and forth between zones. I do love the Hinterlands, but I have to say I'm not the biggest Desolace fan. It's not horrid, but i prefer Arathi for my early to mid 30s. It's a really pretty zone IMO.

And Winterspring will always be a favorite of mine. Again, I think there is some nostalgia here but it is the home of one of my favorite quests, ever(though I've done it on every character, I can't get enough of it. Whenever a character gets leveled, they end up in Winterspring, if anything, just for Are We There, Yeti?'' :D


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For the Horde, I like doing the Undercity quests. They used to squick me out a bit - undead running round killing humans - but since learning the Scarlet Crusade lore and doing the Death Knight starting zones, it's easier to stomach doing them at lower levels as Forsaken and blood elves (I usually take my belfs there after
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the quest involving Sylvanas' necklace
. Killing zealots is usually fun for liberals like me...

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Another vote for the blood elf starting zones here. And yes, the Horde's Hinterlands quests are a lot of fun - Jintha'Alor is basically an outdoors instance, and I love the place. The Horde quests involving the displaced taunka in Dragonblight are also great - a relatively rare chance to definitely, clearly do good for people in need, in the best spirit of the Horde.

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When you get to Outland, finish Nagrand. Go ahead and hit Northrend at 68 to get the nice wrath upgrades from the initial quests, but come back and finish every quest in Nagrand, then talk to the Greatmother in Garadar. The Greatmother chain is long, but well, well, worth doing.


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Whatever you do, when you go through outland, do NOT miss out on the Hero of the Maghar chain. Pay someone to run you through the dungeons and quests if you must, but it's well worth it. This is THE best horde specific chain avaliable, and if packed with lore, especially towards the end.

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Of course, this does have the unfortunate side effect of turning Garrosh from an emo kid into the giant dickwad he currently is, but meh, it's gonna happen anyway, even if you don't do it. But the ending... the bloody PARADE as thrall goes home to Nagrand, and his troops all line the path into the village, is not a sight to be missed. Not to mention the recreation of the fight with Mannoroth.
Even alliance used to mount up and fly above Garadar when the zone wide emote sounded just to watch this, and that's the reason why Garadar doesn't have any aerial guards, unlike the alliance base in the area.
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