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[Wrestlepack] Discussion XI: Inevitable Overbooked Heel Turn

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Hell in a Cell '18 card:

+ Pre-show - WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship: The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston, &/or Xavier Woods) (c) vs. Rusev Day (Rusev & Aiden English)

+ Hell in a Cell match: Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton

+ Mixed tag team match: Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella vs. The Miz & Maryse

+ WWE Raw Tag Team Championship: Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose

+ WWE SmackDown Women's Championship: Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Becky Lynch

+ WWE Raw Women's Championship: Ronda Rousey (c) vs. Alexa Bliss

+ WWE Championship: AJ Styles (c) vs. Samoa Joe

+ WWE Universal Championship (Hell in a Cell match - with Mick Foley as special guest referee): Roman Reigns (c) vs. Braun Strowman - this is Strowman's Money in the Bank cash-in match


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Dropping the ball like say Attitude Era Everyone Has A Girlfriend Manager Syndrome?

Okay, so here's some totally crazy fantasy booking. Bear with me, I've had a couple tonight.

Hell in a Cell! Roman goes over Braun. Roman goes over clean. I'm not saying do a bad match, I'm just saying that there's no finisher killing, no fake finishes. Roman goes over and it's clear that right now he's got the number of the supposed Monster Amongst Men, or whatever the hell his nickname is.


So, the big match is over, Roman leaves the Cell and we get that big beautiful moment where everyone from the locker room comes out to congratulate the champ for doing what nobody thought he could do, yadda yadda. Even Vince is there, ready to shake the hand of his biggest star.

Roman stops halfway up the ramp, and shakes his head.

Roman-"You guys don't get it. I told everyone you were holding me back, screwing with me, trying to make me into something you wanted me to be. When I pushed back you screwed me over! When did anyone give me a chance? What opportunities did I have? You've been screwing me for YEARS! Now that I beat Braun, and you know you don't have anyone left who can beat me, now you want to be best buddies and pat me on the back? I know who my real friend is. Oh, and it's not my "Shield Brothers". Dean is a faker who gets 'hurt' when he wants to go on vacation. Seth shows up to help when he thinks it can help his own career. So no, we're not going to be letting either of them leech off my stardom either. No, there's only been one guy who stuck with me when times were tough. There's one guy who always picked up the phone when I called. One guy. My guy, my real best friend."

Then out from a hiding place under the ramp comes Eric Bischoff.

The two of them shake hands. Then Eric gets on the mic and promises that if everyone tunes into RAW tomorrow night they'll see the Universal Title, Vince's pride and joy, get a "Viking Funeral".

Vince gets pissed and sends guys down to beat the hell out of Roman, but he fights them all off.

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Although I think trying to turn her heel is a mistake, I really hope new, badass Becky Lynch wins this Sunday!


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I gotta say I didn't expect to see AoP paired with Drake Maverick. And I'm anxious about how that will turn out, because so far I'm not sure how much of it is giving AoP a manager and how much is "let's grab the smallest guy we have and give him the same gear, it will be so funny".

Although I think trying to turn her heel is a mistake, I really hope new, badass Becky Lynch wins this Sunday!

And it's not like they can't correct that, because with how much intensity Becky is projecting, it's not that much of a stretch to read her as a pissed-off face burning with righteous anger. Just, you know, don't have her attack Charlotte while she's taking selfies with young fans. Even jumping the opponent from a disguise could be a face (or at least tweener) thing when handled the right way.
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