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[Wrestlepack] Discussion XI: Inevitable Overbooked Heel Turn


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Now there's some good announcing. He didn't kick out because the finisher was weak, he just did some bullshit that meant he didn't take the full brunt.
Excalibur is really a wonder - good voice, clever phrasing, amplifies the in ring narratives.

not sure, but that got unpleasant to watch around about the time the second barb-wire-board came out.

I mean, I've enjoyed hardcore matches before but that went... a bit beyond my comfort zone.
Around the second barb-wire-board spot, was when I realised I was rooting for Janella. Not a fan of him or his work, (before that match, nor, would I see myself becoming one. Just not my deal or my style, which isn't a knock on him at all) - but when the much larger Moxley brutally tossed him onto that board, I found myself sympathising with this kid, I wanted him to win, I wanted him to get that moment. I could even justify it as good booking because it makes a star, though I know that's just adding logic to an emotion.


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If you can get Bleacher Report Live to work right they might have it up for replay. The pre-show is still on youtube (legally, on the AEW's own youtube channel) here:

For some reason the link I posted earlier in the thread has an hour and thirteen minutes of dead air before the show starts but this should go straight to the beginning of the show.
Well, that Jebailey match was about 15 times better then I expected to be.

I build joysticks for fun, so two spots stuck out to me: When Jebailey got the fight stick from Justin Wong (FYI: A very prominent player in the fighting game community) and hit Nakazawa with it, one of the commentators did a classic bit of exaggeration saying it was solid metal. There are some metal cases out there, but I'm 99% sure that was a CEO branded Madcatz TE2, which is made from high density plastic. So pretty much the CEO/AEW equievent to talking about the solid steel steps.

Second of all, Nakazawa's bump on the pile of buttons had to suck. I immediately recognized them as Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons. One of the commentators said it would be like stepping on a Lego, but worse. He is absolutely right.

Also, speaking as someone who helps out at his local retro game store, the call about how Jebailey should have been immune to the thong because he's run Smash events was utterly hilarious.


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Well, that Jebailey match was about 15 times better then I expected to be.
Judged on the merits of a hardcore/comedy match with a green wrestler it comes out pretty good. Unfortunately a lot of people seem to want to judge it as something it never tried to be.

Still not a clue why they're pushing that shitty Librarian gimmick. It blows, the gimmick has fucking X-pac heat and it's going to kill any interest in Leva and the other guy for people who aren't familiar with them.


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So Raw was better. I don’t want to say good because it seemed like they took almost as many steps back as they took steps ahead, but it was a move in the right direction.

The opening segment had Paul E’s fingerprints all over it. It was mostly good (I thought the end of the segment went too long and lost the crowd) and definitely shocking and a better way to open the show than a 30 minute promo segment. Graves’ live “Holy shit” was good for a laugh too.

The stuff with Mike and Maria was horrible in the most ECW way possible.

I liked the pay off at the end of the show too but it continues my constant gripe.

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Where are the babyfaces to come help Ricochet? Surely Ricochet has one friend willing to come help him. Some good guys they are.

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Ever since Stone Cold Vince has been convinced that having friends is something only weaklings do. Hell, it would have been earlier than that if Hogan had ever been willing to actually take a beating.


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So..uh...did anybody else see the Japanese cosplayers on wwe.com? Because that is probably the best WWE-related thing we'll see this week.
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