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[Wrestlepack] Discussion XI: Inevitable Overbooked Heel Turn

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So, Noelle Foley has apparently been at every AEW event todate. Wonder if she's just a huge fan or if her or her father (is Mick still under WWE contract?) coming on board in some capacity is possible?
I follow her on Instagram & I noticed that myself, heh. My own suspicion is that being who she is & being a wrestling fan, she was just given (front-row) tickets. Plus, y'know, having 1 million Insta followers.

(Mick Foley himself is not under WWE contract at the time, I think, given how he has not been holding back criticizing the company of late.)

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The Kevin Owens outburst on Ziggler was top shelf shit, and in my book at least makes him a babyface. Kevin should genuinely make a character out of yelling the obvious really loudly in people’s faces especially Shane oh my fuck please tell Shane to pull his fucking head in.


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Who's watching the G1 this year?
The Ishii-Cobb "preview" tag team match was great. I can't wait for them to tear each other apart.
Ospreay-Archer was way better than I expected it to be. That had me griping the edge of my seat.
Ibushi-KENTA was the kind of match where the strikes hurt you through the screen.
By the time I got to Okada-Tanahashi I was pretty tired, so I gotta watch that again later.

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On the same day, Alberto del Rio accepted an MMA fight with Tito Ortiz (tossup, imo) and Ken Shamrock announced he was launching a bareknuckle boxing promotion. What a time to be alive.


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More information on that chair shot at Fyter Fest. Video should be cued to when they're talking about it.

The too long; didn't watch is that the part of the chair that was supposed to impact Cody's head was - according to the Young Bucks at least - as thin as a cookie sheet. As previously stated the problem occured when the backrest clipped the back of his head.
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