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[Wrestlepack] Discussion XI: Inevitable Overbooked Heel Turn


Cheesey Goodness
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I've never gotten to see *any* TNA beyond short clips on YouTube, so, for *me*, this'll be a huge step up.


other than the Vince part.


Phil Said

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As someone who will go from being able to see NXT to having to wait a sodding month, I'm not happy about this NXT change.
Thankfully it doesn't look like that's going to be the case. Based on the announcement today it will air on the network on a 24 hour tape delay rather than having to wait a full month.


Order of Cleansing Flame
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Just signed up for YouTube TV for two specific reasons: Football and AEW. Now with NXT.... hrng. I was hoping to watch AEW and then a quick one-hour NXT on the network afterwards. They're really making people pick which one to watch live, aren't they?

Ugly Man

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I’m at the Australia Boomers vs Team USA basketball match right now. Team USA came out to Enter Sandman, which inevitably makes me look around the balconies for Sandman. Then the Boomers came out to Hells Bells by AC/DC, which makes me think of two things;

Why did Biker Taker never come out to Hell’s Bells? It’s perfect!

Why do I now want a Biker Taker vs Sandman match circa 2004ish, even though I know it’s probably be awful?
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