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[Wrestlepack] Recommend me great matches!


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Nyla was okay in the debut, and great in the triple threat. I think most of the issues in the three-way were typical problems with that sort of match, not really anything to blame on the talent themselves. Yuka and Riho were both just okay. I think any pairing of these three would have been a better match than what we got, but the booking did it's job-Nyla is too strong for one woman to face alone, and she's only going to lose because of her own mistakes. Nyla would have come off much better if this had been her debut and the match with Awesome Kong happened after we already knew what a badass Nyla was.

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On the other hand, with it being free, for many, this was their first exposure to Nyla, and in that context, it did exactly what it needed to do. And the bit after with Riho and Yuka was gold.

Speaking of good matches, for those with AXS TV, they've been running a NJPW marathon all day building up to the G1 Climax at 6pm.
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