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Post originally by Monica Valentinelli at 2005-07-15 05:43:25
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Well, I've been a bystander the past, few days reading
everyone else's comments on the subject. I feel like
I'm really going out on a limb, here, because I don't
understand why anyone in this business would not be
supportive of one another. The gaming industry is
small, and word does get around quickly.

Outside of this industry, freelancers make (typically
for a nationally-syndicated magazine) anywhere from
$.75 to $1.50/word. Within this industry, the rate
of pay is much less not because industry folk wouldn't
want to pay their writers more, but because our
industry is very specialized and companies typically
do not sell products in a high enough volume to
warrant a higher rate.

Wouldn't it be smart for a freelancer, before
embarking on the "I qualify for such and such a rate",
to take a step back and research the market
thoroughly? What do you want to write? Who do you want
to write for? And then, just like within any other
business, plan a strategy to get you there. If you're
not a hundred percent sure of what to do, ask someone
who knows.

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Post originally by Jim Bob at 2005-07-19 23:56:47
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Planning? Researching? Geez, Monica, next you'll be saying people should do that for their writing, too! Crazy stuff:)
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