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X-Cards, VCR Controls, and VOIP Gaming


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I am soon to begin a new online campaign and fully intend to utilize an X Card. I agree with the principles of the X Card and enjoy having it and other tools around the table. The problem is, we're not going to be "around a table"; we're going to be connecting via VOIP and I for one don't intend to share a video screen. So it's going to be impossible for someone to physically hold up a physical card. Someone could speak up, of course, but I feel like part of the strength of the X Card is being able to hold it up and not having to talk over/past people who have a stronger conversational presence. I'd like to hear what options people have come up with for VOIP and text-based gaming.

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The options available vary by what software you're using. The fall back should probably be a direct message to the GM or a public text post, as almost all VOIP programs let you do that.


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A custom emoji that's just a massive X mighy work. Otherwise a lot of VoIP clients can do image embedded text.


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OP knows this, but the bot I wrote for my Discord game has an !X command that messages me (anonymously) that someone tapped the X card.

I feel like offering an !X bot for Discord might have value, since so many other bots don't implement the feature.
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