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Your favourite rules lite RPG?


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Okay folks we all love those rules-lite RPG's but which ones do you think have the legs to keep on going and the substance to be more than just a one-shot game?

Authors feel free to post your systems (I'm looking for submissions that have at least had a pdf release). Just post the game if not the rules system it uses.

I know there's loads but here's a few to get us going....

PDQ (Zorceror of Zo)
Vs Monsters
FATE (Spirit of The Century)


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Unknown Armies, hands down. The system is most probably the simplest of all I tried (which doesn't say much, but hey...) and the game is so shock-full of gooditude you can play for years and years and still not have done everything with it.


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I don't really do rules-lite, but I'll try...

D6 or C&C

Are those "lite"?


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Of currently in-print games...Castles and Crusades. Finally, a fantasy game I can run without having to look up feats, special abilities, and situational rules every five minutes.

Of games recently out of print...Angel. Not much I can't do with that.


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So am I. I'm running a playtest of an upcoming version of the Legends Walk game for T&J. It's really a lot of fun for all of us at the table. It's been interesting enough to make me want to write something for the system for publication.


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anyone every play the Dragonlance Saga system or it's sister the Marvel SUperheroes saga game?

someone mentioned Savage Worlds too..?
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