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Your gaming table: what's on it?

Your gaming table today: what's on it?

  • Lots of snacks

    Votes: 59 60.8%
  • A pile of gaming books for your current game

    Votes: 54 55.7%
  • A laptop/iPad with all the PDF versions of your gaming books cued up--fully searchable

    Votes: 53 54.6%
  • BEER

    Votes: 25 25.8%
  • A bunch of miniatures

    Votes: 25 25.8%
  • Other--please explain in comments

    Votes: 20 20.6%

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Cerulean Lion

Social Justice Christian
Validated User
Laptop and some snacks. A small timer which I use mainly to keep from spending more time than I intended at my favorite MMO.

My table needs nothing else because all my gaming is online: mostly Play by Post on this site, and some MMO time.

Black Flag

Dweller on the Threshold
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iPad is a given. There were often snacks when we played in person, but that’s been a while.

At one point I experimented with doodads for counting etc., but these days I need very little to run a game.


Registered User
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Tact-Tiles (dry-erase tiles with square grids). We only have books or snacks on the table if we're playing a game where minis aren't be used.

Marius B

Validated User
Snacks, gaming books, tablet(s) and:
Paper, character sheets, dice, sodas, possibly a dry-erase battle mat and some markers and minis. Plenty of writing implements.


There he is
Validated User
About 10 books, an iPad, character sheets, dice, game masters screen, drinks, and occasionally a cat.

Crimson Carcharodon

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A bunch of D&D 5E books, a metric fuckload of dice, some snacks, beer (or mixed drinks), character sheets/notebooks, and my DM screen usually.


New member
Currently the table is unusual, normally its just dice and a laptop with the occasional snack but currently we are running old school stuff so hexgrid and miniatures are in full use.


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We play in our lounge, on the sofa and easy chairs.
Coffee-tables are covered in dice, character sheets, drinks.
We all have phones, and maybe a laptop, along with the pens and papers.
If I have something prepared, I Chrome cast images, or websites, to the big TV.


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Paper, pencils, etc
Whiteboard with clipboard clip
Poker chips or glass half-marbles
Sometimes food, drinks
Occasionally a game book
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