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Your last game played, part 2


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I believe the previous thread was locked due to it growing over 100 pages. Anyway, thought I'd start up a sequel as I really enjoyed the previously thread.

From the previous thread:

I got this idea from a music forum I used to belong to. There was a longstanding "Now Playing" thread in which you posted the song you were currently listening to. It was a cool place to find something new to try and see what's popular.

So, how about a Last game played? What was the last boardgame/card game/miniatures game you played?


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Played a bunch of games of Cards Against Humanity. God, do I love that game. I laugh so hard, and feel so dirty, every single time.

Also played a game of King of Tokyo as a palate cleanser after CAH :)


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One game of X-Wing, with some hastily cobbled together model asteroids. I like the look.

First game of Saga using various D&D, Kings of War, and Warhammer proxies. Good fun, though I think this one will shine in the scenarios a bit more.


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A Game of Thrones board game on Saturday night. Just 3 players though, which isn't nearly as good. My Lanisters won on the 7th round to much weaping and moaning from the Baratheons...


After getting through a bunch of the usual suspects for my gaming group (e.g. 7 Wonders, Smash Up, Netrunner), there was a game of Tales of the Arabian Nights, in which the winner had an epic adventure filled with treasure-hunting, marrying a princess, being banished to the wastes, stumbling upon the Valley of Diamonds...and being killed by a poisonous snake. But he left his fortune to his "cousin" (replacement character. Meanwhile the rest of us were languishing in prison or falling in love with mysterious hags. Would play again. :D


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Technically it was the Cthulhu Invictus game that I run on Fridays (running my players through a custom scenario in the midst of The Legacy of Arrius Lurco campaign); but the last board game we played was Spartacus (the version from the TV series). It wasn't bad - although I definitely need to play it a few more times before I can give it an unqualified review.


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Played A&A 1914. Good game, but it doesn't come with enough units it chits. Luckily I have other A&A games to use pieces from.


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Tried a couple of games of Epic as I'm fed up of 40k and Fantasy, really considering taking it up and I'm working out a list for Vanneheim Air Cavalry though I do love me some Hydras so maybe an armoured company would be better...

Now just need to persuade 3-4 people to play and I'm golden

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A 3-player game of Mad Zeppelin.

Which reminds me a bit about Machiavelli and Puerto Rico (with the different roles to be picked).

It was the first time we played the game and we found the rules not very intuitive and not always clearly explained. With only three players, the choice of traitors (and the ability of the first player to guess the other player's Traitor) didn't leave much surprises. The few card that were important were the Traitors who could re-roll or flip the dice, or the ones who could throw out cargo for free.
Meanwhile I found some rules clarifications (especially for level4 cargo) and I hope the next time we play there'll be more playeres around the table.
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