Your last game played, part 2


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Yesterday we got our full usual group together for the first time in a while and played a Gloomhaven scenario. I'd recently retired the Scoundrel and this was my second outing for the Tinkerer, and it was the first play for Eclipse, meanwhile the Brute should retire at the end of next scenario (his retirement quest), while the Cragheart still has a little way to go.
We then had two games of Pandemic Legacy Season One, which saw us win our second attempt at November and lose our first try at December. Next game will end the campaign what ever happens!


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We played two 3-player games of Rail Raiders Infinite. First time for all of us.
First game was pretty much figuring out the rules, but we got the hang of it pretty quickly.
We did forget to pick up a "High Noon" card with regularity.
Second game was more 'serious' and we ended up hoarding quite a bit of loot and $$ more than in the first game.

I sort of like how any opposed actions or shoot-outs are resolved using 5 (or more) dice. You try roll the highest poker(/Yatzee) combination. if you win you get to do what you were doing, like taking out NPC lawmen, steal money from and move an opponent or search the railway car for loot.
I also like how you're never completely out of the game...

...shame that through my line of work, I hate Poker-style games with a passion ;)


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Last Friday night's game was Euphoria, with a full table of two veterans and four beginners. Beginners came in first and second, and us two vets ended up in the middle of the pack with 4-5 stars left at game's end. I still don't quite know how the winner pulled it off, despite making sure she understood her options pretty much every turn.

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Codenames, Cursed Court, Timelines: Discoveries, Timelines: Inventions, Dixit and Dice Throne at a church game day on Sunday. A lot of fun, especially Dice Throne, which came down to my monk versus the new players barbarian, and almost ended with a double KO. I was all set up with my defenses, which makes the monk the absolute worst to fight head to head, but it was still mighty close.


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4 more Gloomhaven scenarios completed in the solo campaign.

We were at a local gaming shop on Friday night and played Arboretum, Welcome To..., Downfall of Pompeii, and Viticulture. This was the first time playing Viticulture with so few players (3) and it plays much quicker.
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