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Your last game played, part 2


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Another weekend playing games with my nieces. Games of No Thanks!, Ice Cool, and Klask. Also got a chance to introduce Century: Golem Edition to a few friends, which they liked.

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Got Rabbit Island to the table. It's a very pretty game, and a pretty good tile-laying game, but with some issues with design. The tiles just have too much information of them, and often that information is redundant.


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I just returned from our annual (eleventh year!) week-long gamer gathering with friends from all over the country and I’m amazed by how many games we played. Normally we do board wargames but this year it was all Euros, which meant many more plays of many more games.

Over the course of nine days a varied cast of characters played the following; I’m sure I missed some and I wasn’t in every game myself but here goes —

Azul (many, many plays)
Mysterium (twice)
Evolution (three? times)
Quixx (who knows? Probably six to eight plays)
Welcome to Your Perfect Home (awful, once was too many)
Spyfall (six rounds)
Lords of Waterdeep
Wingspan (non-stop all week, many plays)
Deep Sea Adventure (6 times?)
Villagers (twice)
Mystic Vale (three-four times)
Ganz Shön Clever (many)
Colt Express (four or five plays)
7 Wonders (three times)
Flotsam Fight
Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr
The Palace of Mad King Ludwig
A Fake Artist Goes to New York
Quacks of Quedlinburg (five I think)
Machi Koro
Las Vegas
Terraforming Mars
Black Orchestra
Discover Lands Unknown
Formula De
Space Park
Call to Adventure (twice)

Exhausting but amazing.

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On Sunday I beat Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu for the first time ever! I've had it for over two years. Very satisfying, but at the same time we recognised how lucky we'd been. The perfect combination of characters and only three Great Old Ones revealed, none of whom had lasting effects.
Dominion and Lost Legacy last night. Both were excellent fun.


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People actually showed up to the game night I organized at work. Had six people, but I didn't have a lot of 5+ options, so we played a few hands of Coup until two of them had to leave and then Azul.


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3x games of Gloomhaven this week.

We had a laid back gaming night that was really more about just talking than gaming. We still got 2x games of Santorini in as well as one game of Welcome To Dinosaur Island, which is a Roll & Write combined a bit with Tetris. Quite fun.


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Last Tuesday we played a game of The Others, with the controller making our lives difficult, by rolling the perfect scores.
Sooooo much corruption -_-

Saturday we played two games of City of Gears where I ended up last in both games.
We followed up with a game of Trogdor, which we only won because of the Fiery Rage end game. "Trogdor doesn't lose, he rage-quits"


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More Imperial, we lost again, badly. I'm starting to get annoyed. Either we are all dumbasses (which I cant rule out) or I dont know what we are doing wrong, but is not fun. "Oh, you should focus on the objective" == you get killed by the thousand mobs. You focus on them, you lose the objective. Every single mission being a race for time is also getting boring.

Or we suck, thats possible.

More detective, with a so so third case result and a great fourth case result. All in all we like the game, huge flaws and all. We will end the campaing soon and probably get the LA one later... if the group buys it, because I'm tapped out, I really need to rebuild my finances.

We finally got Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell to the table... and the results are a bit disappointing, but more about that in that games thread as I promised feedback.

Still need to get SpaceCorp played, and Narcos, and Pax Pamir should come today, and Dune and Wasteland Express Delivery Service and I may need some help for real.


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Generally, you need to kind of do both things on most missions. Typically, there is a lot of initial threat, and then there are mission triggers that add bunch to the board, on top of what the Imperial player gets and spends or saves. So at the start of the mission, you'll often need to focus on clearing threat using double attack+strain move as much as possible - and crippling activations when possible. It's much worse to kill guys after they shoot you than guys who haven't gone yet. Sometimes you should focus on wiping out full groups if it means the imperial can't redploy a strong unit easily, but usually you want to knock down the attack of whatever the next thing to activate is going to be. Then after thinning stuff out, people dash to set up for the next phase and do it again.

That's why a lot of high value skills add movement or otherwise screw with the action economy. Consider the base set heroes Fen, Gideon, Jynn, and Mak. Jynn can make three attacks in a round with double attacking plus Quickdraw to get an interrupt attack. Her unwounded passive lets her move after damaging someone, and she has a 4 XP skill that lets her move 2 after attacking. So she can attack 3 times and move 9 spaces in a round (and get focused or recover strain while doing so). Fenn can get 2 MP (or give them to someone else) and recovers strain easily, so he can almost always double attack while still advancing. And he can blow guys with Blast, do tons of damage, heal when attacked, etc. Gideon can do Command, trading one of his actions for a move or attack on someone else. This is great, because it essentially lets you double up on the value of your items on your best guy. And he can get double commands with a 4 XP. And another skill lets him move 2 per command. So he can order someone like Fenn to shoot twice and move 4 spaces with one action. Mak can move as a reaction when enemies get close with his 1 XP, and they need to get to close to attack him with his front side passive. And with more skills he can get free focus, refund on his interacts, or the ability to get 2 attacks in one with a bonus. So it should be pretty clear that the rebels can find ways to both guys and advance across the map. This value isn't necessarily enough versus higher threat, agenda cards, class decks, though.

When the missions aren't races against time, the ability to double rest to heal 8-10 potentially is pretty overwhelming. Generally, missions without the time limit working against the Rebels end up having either totally massive amounts of guys, some kind of soft cap on time where events progressively screw you hard, or they heavily limit healing in some way.

But you can run into situations where you're just kind of screwed. Playing against Military MIght on Hoth, my squad, which fell behind a bit early, literally could not clear threat effectively against the extra block and health my brother's troopers had. And the Focus he gained (combined with more troopers shooting per action that normal) meant I generally wasn't outracing him on the objectives either. Sometimes the main thing that will save a campaign is less perfect play, and more drawing a side mission that can provide a power spike to get you over the hump. Other times you just kind of trade wins based on which missions are skewed which way.


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Last night's event was a bit of a blitz: three runs of 5-Minute Dungeon (my introduction to the game, and I may be hooked), followed by three games of Secret Hitler in which the same player drew Hitler each time.* The Fascists won the first and third of those.

*(He said before we began the first game that he'd played something like five or six times and had always drawn a Fascist or Hitler, never a Liberal, and he was getting pretty tired of it. So, streak intact, I guess.)
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