[Zelda: Breath of the Wild]Oh my gosh you guys! This is such an amazing game!


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(Because someone on the general Nintendo thread quite reasonably asked for discussion to be moved to a separate thread because of spoilers)

I am absolutely adoring this game. It is just plain amazing on almost every level. I'm not sure I've enjoyed a game this much ever before! There's just so much to explore!

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I'm playing it on the Wii-U, and I'm really enjoying it, but I think I need to buy the Wii-U Pro Controller or whatever they call the one that isn't the paddleboard tablet thing.

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Another thing that happened to me last night in the game, since my post on the Nintendo thread focused more on nasty surprises:

So just as I'm entering the forest right past the Proximo Bridge (the one on the road to Dueling Peaks) I find a goat. I shoot it, but it survives and runs off... right into a nearby Bokoblin camp. The crowd of Bokoblins bumrushed the goat, while I calmly placed myself in sniping position to pick them off.

It's almost a shame to kill them off when they're just having fun in their campsites... though they can still kill you very quickly if you're not careful.


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I found the Hero of Twilight's Cap. It was in a treasure chest. I think it was on top of a high pillar, just don't remember the region since that was hours ago and a lot happened today both in game and IRL.
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I must say, this is the perfect game for a long commute. I have no idea how my Switch plays as a home console, but as a Zelda commute machine it's marvelous!

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I've only been able to get in a couple of hours thus far, but I hope to catch up significantly tomorrow.

One little detail that I've found, which was extremely endearing to experience; encountering the entrance to a Sheikah shrine surrounded by a wall with the entrance filled with rocks, and... actually just being able to climb the wall. Like, hey, let's go and take away arbitrary video game restrictions on how you can navigate the environment why don't you.

I've also had a couple of examples that I've found to be sufficient proof that the game may have some lethality that will actually make acquisition of better defensive gear and tactical use of trait boosting foods and potions worthwhile.

And I quite like the feature of having a little icon to tell you how loud you're being.

Several of these are things I have seen in previews, but to actually experience them is something special.

(Also quite like how bombs work now)


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The climbing, gliding, and stamina mechanics combine to really make the world a lot more interesting. In Breath of the Wild, you're always interacting with the terrain. The world is an active part of the gameplay. A lot of video game worlds are just paths and scenery; Hyrule is terrain.


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I really enjoy how the terrain traversal mechanisms create a sense of progress not through XP but by literal adventuring. Arriving at a new town or shrine or tower is an event. And the space in between isn't just huge empty fields either.

The journey from the Great Plateau to the Dueling Peaks and beyond feels like a monumental journey.

I love me some open world gameplay - but I have to admit. I stopped playing Horizon Zero Dawn for this. The mechanics just keep feeding that need to explore and discover. Absolutely brilliant game. :)

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