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Thank you for the interesting alternate. It is nice to see some other aspects of history being used.
Glad you liked that. I've been to that country and the what-if aspect is fascinating.
I shall miss you in the game. I am Mr Privilege (white, married, cis/erased bi) so I cannot say anything sensible about your situation but you had an interesting voice.
Hello all. I am currently running a UNKNOWN ARMIES scenario. View Session I at : Check it out. Session II to be posted soon. Running Session III on the 20th. -- Fossil GM
Wanted to continue a discussion of the future as you seem well-thought out and have not dissimilar ideas to mind. Fair warning, unless you say otherwise, I might put something in an RPG or novel.
I'm happy to discuss stuff. I just kinda prefer to do it in public threads; it feels like it's more "proper", and richer besides, to be "out in the open". And I like to think I'm pretty good at tying weird ideas to unlikely contexts, so it's not hard to do a little tangent-in-place.
If you're wanting to signal boost the Fight! Kickstarter I know there was at least one play-by-post game of it hosted on - there should be a few fans lurking there and the forum does have a kickstarter thread . . .
For what it's worth, I think you're right.
Thank you. Unfortunately, most people here appear to think otherwise; if you wanna keep in touch, feel free to shoot me your e-mail or IM in a PM, or I can give you my gmail or trillian handle.
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